Attic Exhaust Fan Installation

Professional Attic Fan Installation in Virginia Beach, Norfolk & Chesapeake

gable exhaust fanHaving a professionally installed attic exhaust fan can help ventilate your home and provide long-lasting benefits for your house and your wallet. Proper ventilation is the key to keeping your home comfortable and in great shape. Nipper Electric has been providing trusted electrical services in the Virginia Beach area for the past 20 years.

Why Install an Attic Exhaust Fan?

Many attics are without proper ventilation. Heat rises, causing the temperatures in your attic to reach well over 150 degrees. This affects your whole house by making other rooms warmer too. In fact, the heat in your attic can eat up around 20% of your utility bills alone.

Poor ventilation also contributes to the formation of molds. Increased heat and humidity can create areas where mold can thrive in your home. This can damage some of your precious belongings, create health issues, and even destroy your roof.

Benefits of Attic Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are an easy solution for heat and humidity problems in your attic. They also quickly pay off in incredible benefits, including:

  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Improved Comfort in Your Home
  • Lower Temperatures
  • Protects Priceless Items in Storage in the Attic
  • Helps Protect Against Mold
  • Helps Protect Against Damage to Roofing Materials
  • Decreases Humidity

Signs of an Overheated Attic

Before you begin any fan installations, you should inspect your attic for current ventilation issues or damage. Look for these signs of overheating in your attic:

  • Curled Up Shingles
  • Bunching in Shingles Along the Seams
  • Frost in the Attic During Winter
  • Clogged Vents

Your trusted electrician in Virginia Beach can help you inspect your attic and determine how many exhaust fans you need for proper ventilation. Nipper Electric has 20 years of experience installing attic exhaust fans and we are always happy to answer your questions or concerns.

How Do Attic Exhaust Fans Help My Home?

exhaust_ventilationVentilation is a big part of keeping your home mold free, comfortable, and strong. Homes without any ventilation will be harder to heat, wear down quicker and have more instances of mold or decay.

Exhaust fans in the attic work to circulate air throughout the home as well as removing hot air out of the attic. For the right kind of ventilation, you will need to have a system of fans and vents. Each attic exhaust fan that is mounted high on the roof should be partnered with a vent that is placed lower on the roof so the air is pulled out of your attic. Multiple vents and fans are better for creating the right kind of ventilation.

Which Exhaust Fan Is Best?

Attic Exhaust Fans come in two basic designs, roof installations, and gable installations.

  • Roof Installation Exhaust Fans- These fans are mounted on flashes of sheet metal or plastic bases. They are installed near the top of the roof. Once they’ve been installed, shingles will be placed over and around the flashing.
  • Gable Installation Exhaust Fans- These fans are easily installed under a gable. In fact, they are often placed in the space of an existing gable vent.

Depending on the size of your attic, you may need multiple attic exhaust fans. Most homes call for a single square foot roof vent for every 300 or so square feet of attic space. The more you use your attic the more you will need exhaust fans.

Virginia Beach Attic Exhaust Fans by Professional Electricians

Keeping your home safe and comfortable is an important part of our job. The team at Nipper Electric Is proud to provide dependable attic exhaust fan installations for our neighbors and friends in the Virginia Beach, Va. area. If you’ve noticed any overheating issues in your attic or you are just wanting to make your home more comfortable, call us today at 757-842-1710. Or you can even make schedule an appointment online, from the comfort of your home. We will help you choose the right attic exhaust fan and get it installed for you quickly and safely.