Bathroom Exhaust Fan

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Properly venting a bathroom exhaust fan does more than keeping your home fresh. Bathroom exhaust fan installation done correctly, keeps your paint from peeling, prevents health problems and protects your home from mold or rot. For 18 years, Nipper Electric has worked with bathroom exhaust fan wiring and installation. Our licensed and skilled team of electricians can help you with:

  • Replacing bathroom exhaust fans.
  • Matching a bathroom exhaust fan CFM to your needs.
  • Finding solutions for your bathroom venting.
  • Safely venting bathroom moisture.
  • Installing bathroom exhaust fans with lights and any extras.

You can trust Nipper Electric to get the job done right the first time. We know the importance of stopping mold before it starts.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan installation - Nipper Electric

Mold and Mildew Dangers

Mold and mildew are serious issues for homes. They cause structural damage, peel paint off the walls, create stains everywhere and wreak havoc on your health. Preventing mold is vital to the comfort and safety of your home.

Bathrooms carry the most humidity in houses. Bathroom exhaust fan installation is necessary to end moisture. Many states have requirements for bathroom exhaust fan installation or replacement. These codes are used to keep people safe and healthy.

Bathroom exhaust fans send moist away from bathrooms. Dryer conditions in your bathroom keep mold away. But, where do you send the moist air? Finding the right area to send the moist air is the most important step in bathroom exhaust fan replacement or installation. There are a few fan options for venting a bathroom.

  • Ceiling-Mounted Fans – mounted on the ceiling, these fans send moist air to attics or through the roof.
  • Wall Mounted Fans- mounted on exterior walls, in bathrooms where ceiling fans don’t work, like first-floor bathrooms. These fans send moist air outside.
  • Inline or Remote Fans – fans are located remotely, in an attic or some other space. These fans are often used for multiple bathrooms. Air is usually sent out to an attic or another space in the home.

Some spaces are more difficult to vent than others. Nipper Electric can get the moisture out of your home and the mold out of your life.

Best Strategy for Beating Mold

Sending moist air to areas like attics or crawl spaces creates the same mold and decay problems. Moist air needs to be sent out of your home. Bathroom exhaust fan installation through the roof is your best bet in the fight against mold.

Each bathroom needs the right bathroom exhaust fan motor. These motors are measured in CFMs (cubic feet per meter). To work correctly, a bathroom exhaust fan cfm needs to fit the space it’s placed in. Sizing a bathroom cfm is just one reason to call the professionals.

Leave It To Us

attic exhaust fanReplacing or installing a bathroom exhaust fan may seem like a simple weekend DIY project. Wiring and installing can get dangerous, particularly in bathrooms. Nipper Electric has the knowledge and skill to deal with problems like:

  • Following local and state codes for installation.
  • Other electrical work included, like running extra wiring to attics or panels.
  • Making sure existing wiring is strong enough to carry the new electrical load.
  • Adding venting through your roof or at a side wall.

Keeping your family safe is serious business. Don’t let mold and mildew wreck your home or your health. Start breathing easier, get that bathroom exhaust fan replaced or installed today. Call Nipper Electric at 757-842-1710 or go online and schedule an appointment.