Bathroom Fixture Installation

Professional Electricians Provide Expert Bathroom Electrical Installations in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, VA

Bathroom vanity fixtures can light up a whole room and provide expert lighting where you need it most. However, the deadly combination of electrical currents and water sources means any bathroom electrical project should be left to trusted electrical professionals.

Nipper Electric has been offering dependable expert electrical work in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas for over 18 years. We offer multiple services for bathroom electrical installations including:
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You can leave all of your bathroom electrical wiring, renovation, and installations to our experts. No job is ever too big or too small for the Nipper Electric Team. We’ll make sure you stay safe and get the finished product you are looking for.

Bathroom Vanity Fixtures Bring Out the Beauty in Your Bathroom

Vanity lighting adds layered lighting to your bathroom and provides task lighting around your sink. Combining layers of ambient and task lighting helps you recreate natural light in a small and/or dark space. Options to consider are:

The best way to provide natural looking light for grooming is to use a combination of installations. Avoid lighting fixtures that only light from above. Instead, use general overhead lighting and light fixtures on either side of the mirror. This lighting design will provide the best lighting for applying makeup, brushing teeth, and the general grooming done around the bathroom vanity.

Safety First with Bathroom Vanity Fixtures

The experts at Nipper Electric take the safety of our clients very seriously. We will work to keep your home running safely and smoothly. Our skilled electricians will help you find the perfect fixture for your bathroom and make sure the installation works with your wiring.

Bathroom lighting fixtures require specially rated fixtures, wiring, and light bulbs to create a safe zone. This is true for the bathtub, shower, and the area around your sink.

In some cases, your vanity installation may need to have a new electrical box installed to support the wiring of the new fixture or GFCI outlet updates to keep up with electrical code. All bathrooms and damp or wet areas are required to have GFCI outlets to protect from shock.

Virginia Beach, VA Trusts Nipper Electric

Your trusted electrician in Virginia Beach, VA is Nipper Electric. We have years of experience and knowledge working with electrical code in Norfolk and the Virginia Beach surrounding area. Call us today at 757-842-1710 for all of your electrical installation needs. Or, make an appointment online. We are here to keep your home safe and beautiful.