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Before You Call

Before You Call

One of the most difficult things for our electricians at Nipper Electric to do is give a homeowner an invoice just to reset a breaker in the electrical panel or push a button to reset a GFCI receptacle. So we recommend if you are experiencing partial loss or total loss of power try the following steps prior to calling:

  1. Go to the electrical panel (breaker box) and try resetting the circuit breakers. Turn them off by pushing towards the outside of the panel and then turn them back on again by pushing towards the middle of the panel. If you hear a click or pop and the breaker either turns off or moves to the middle there is likely an electrical short that needs to be found and repaired. DO NOT KEEP RESETTING! Doing so will cause sparks or arcs at the electrical short that can create a fire or create further damage.
  2. Often times unplugging appliances (refrigerators, microwaves, coffee makers, etc.) that may be on that circuit breaker will resolve the issue. Try resetting the breaker after you have unplugged the appliances to possibly identify if it is an appliance that is causing the problem. If the breaker is now able to be reset after you have unplugged the appliances you likely have an issue with the appliance itself and not an electrical wiring problem.
  3. Look for GFCI receptacles in the kitchen, garage, bathrooms, and outside. These GFCI receptacles are the ones that have two(2) buttons (Test and Reset) between the two(2) places to plug in to. GFCI outlets are very sensitive to moisture and power surges during storms and trip frequently. Often simply pressing the reset button will restore power to these outlets. If the GFCI receptacle continues to need to be reset frequently or does not reset at all it likely needs to be replaced or there may be other electrical issues. Call Nipper Electric to further troubleshoot the underlying electrical problem.
  4. Contact the local utility company (Domnion Energy). Just because your neighbors are not experiencing power loss does not mean that your electrical issue may not be a power company-related problem. Check to see if the Oven, Cooktop, Range, Heat/AC or Dryer are still working. (You should make sure the Oven, cooktop, and/or dryer actually heats up and not just the digital display turns on) If they are not working properly there is likely an issue with the power entering the home at the electrical meter base or electrical panel. It is good to see if the utility is having problems before calling us. More often than not they do not even charge to come to your property and check the main wires feeding power to your electrical meter base and electrical panel. At this point they will inform you if it is an issue on their side or your side (customer side). If it is a customer-side problem contact us and Nipper Electric will take care of all the needed permits and inspections required for these type of problems.
  5. Maximize your investment. A good portion of any service call (diagnostic fee) covers travel time to and from the job plus fuel and vehicle costs. As any contractor will tell you it’s just part of business to have a minimum charge to cover these costs. If you bundle as many projects together at the same time, your electrician could do those additional jobs for a lot less money than doing them at separate times. So even if your initially calling Nipper Electric because you are experiencing power loss now it may be the time to stop putting off the other electrical work you have been thinking about doing to get an overall better price and maximize your savings!!!

Note: If these tips saved you money by not having us or another company come out, how about letting us and others know about it?

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