Fuses vs. Circuit Breakers

A fuse is a small glass or plastic tube that contains a piece of wire. That wire is carefully calibrated so that it will only allow a certain level of current to pass through it. Any more, and the wire will melt from the heat, breaking the circuit. This means that if a power surge comes into… Read more »

Generator Home Transfer Systems – How Are They different?

When it comes to determining the best generator for your house, there are several options to consider. How big of a generator do you need? What type of fuel will you use? How much power is required to power your home? What type of switch will you want or need? Although these questions can seem… Read more »

Frequent Summer Electrical Issues

Just like every season, summer has its own set of electrical problems. As you are trying to stay cool inside, you might be noticing some strange issues occurring with your home or office electricity. Flickering lights, tripping circuit breakers, power going off at odd times, these are some of the signs of electrical problems. Solving your problems can be difficult when you don’t have the answers. Nipper Electric can help you solve all your electric problems with our wide range of services including:

Choosing Right Security Camera

Security cameras come in all different sizes with a multitude of options. These options can be overwhelming. Nipper Electric has a team of experts with the knowledge and tools to install the perfect security camera for your home. To help you choose the best security camera for your home or office, our experts have created… Read more »

Protect your Electrical Systems from Summer Storms

Power surges, power outages, and low power issues in the Virginia Beach area can wreak havoc on your home and electrical devices. This is especially true now, during hurricane season. Nipper Electric provides multiple services to help you protect against power surges. Here are a few tips from our experts to help prevent summer storm… Read more »