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3 Common Springtime Electrical Problems

3 Common Springtime Electrical Problems

When people think of spring, they think of April showers, May flowers, and new animal life everywhere. Despite this, even spring is no stranger to unique seasonal problems that people have to deal with yearly. Here are three typical springtime electrical problems.


Lightning is an electrical problem in and of itself, potentially causing power surges if it’s close and strong enough. In addition to the apparent risks of lightning, thunderstorms often cause strong winds and heavy rains that can knock over trees and disrupt electrical equipment. These issues can cause other forms of serious damage, such as electrical fires.

Pest Problems

The re-arrival of animals can be exciting, but not when they create issues with your electricity. Pests can cause power outages or electrical fires by chewing on wires or sleeping on or near electrical equipment. Squirrels, mice, and rats are the most common culprits.

Water Damage

Spring is a prime time for people to suffer from leaks and floods due to storms and snowmelt. This water can sometimes get into electrical equipment and wiring. The water can then increase how much current is running through the wires, giving you everything from a shock to a fire.

What Can You Do to Stay Safe?

While you shouldn’t go overboard, it’s important to keep yourself safe and prepared in case something goes wrong. Check your filters, ducts, and vents to keep them clear of dust and debris, make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working, and make sure your fire extinguisher works, too.

Another smart way to keep yourself safe this spring is to know where to turn in an emergency. If you live in Virginia Beach, Nipper Electric is here to keep your lights on and your wires intact. Contact us today to learn more.