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3 Reasons You Should Replace Your Obsolete Breakers

3 Reasons You Should Replace Your Obsolete Breakers

If you own a commercial business in the Virginia Beach area, you may be working with an obsolete breaker system. A common misconception is that these obsolete breakers pose no risk to the business that chooses to continue to use the current system. Not only do obsolete breakers come with some amount of risk, but they can also be costly and difficult to repair. The following are just three of the reasons that upgrading to new technology is a better option.

3 Reasons to Consider Upgrading Your Obsolete Breakers

Modernizing your circuit breaker system and upgrading to modern technology can have a positive impact on your business’s electrical system and provide you with peace of mind.

  1. Increased reliability. Upgrading your obsolete breaker to more modern technology will increase the reliability of your facility. Newer breaker systems have more connectivity and additional monitoring capabilities making them more efficient. Predictive maintenance abilities allow facility supervisors to identify and correct system faults prior to them becoming major issues.
  2. Increased Functionality. Older and obsolete breakers were designed as six cycle breakers, while today’s breakers are 3-cycle. A longer cycle time increases the amount of time necessary to clear a fault. This can lead to longer fault period exposure for staff and the equipment involved. Newer breaker systems are designed to withstand more than the 25kA short circuit ratings of older breakers. When in use with properly rated equipment, it can provide better protection from failure or arc flash exposure.
  3. Increased Safety. By switching out your obsolete breakers with a more modern version, you can be sure that you have the most up to date safety features and that your electrical equipment meets current safety protocols. Being in compliance and knowing that your employees are safe when operating the breaker system can improve workplace satisfaction and your bottom line.

There are a number of options for replacing your business’s obsolete breaker. Depending on the state of the existing infrastructure, the breaker can be upgraded with a direct replacement or retrofitted. The professionals at Nipper Electric are equipped to identify the best replacement and upgrades necessary for your obsolete breaker system. To get started, simply fill out our online form or give us a call at 757-842-1710.