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4 Easy to Repair Electrical Problems

4 Easy to Repair Electrical Problems

Not all electrical problems are serious to worry about and need to keep you up at night. Some issues can be easily repaired, but some people might prefer to let the experts handle them, especially when electricity is involved. These are some problems you could have in your house without realizing it.

Broken Light Switch

If your light switch malfunctions, it usually means your light won’t turn on anymore. This can be annoying, especially if you’ve gone through every bulb in the house trying to fix the problem. It’s typically not dangerous, though, and the switch can be fixed by shutting off the power, removing the switch itself, and testing the wires.

Short Circuits

Some cases of short circuits can be dangerous, but in other cases, it’s just a matter of resetting the breaker. This is usually the case when it comes to appliances like hairdryers, which demand a lot of power at once. It’s irritating but only dangerous if it’s happening without an appliance to blame.

Damaged Extension Cord

Some damaged cords can create fires or send sparks. Extension cords can be safely fixed while unplugged without causing you any harm. The fix itself might be complicated for anyone who doesn’t understand electrical wiring, but you won’t get hurt while doing it.

Loose Outlet Plug

These can shock you if you mess with them when the power is on, but they’re safe to fix when the power is off, and all it takes is unscrewing the outlet and putting it back, making sure it’s flesh against the wall and tightly in place.

Call Nipper Electric

Even simple electrical problems can be difficult to fix if you don’t have a background in electrical wiring, and most electrical problems should be handled by a professional. Whether you’re just dealing with a broken light switch or need help getting your power back on, Nipper Electric can help. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.