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4 Ways to Save Money and Conserve Energy with Smart Home Devices

4 Ways to Save Money and Conserve Energy with Smart Home Devices

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It’s easier than ever to conserve energy and water using smart home devices. In a flagging economy, this could mean significant savings in cost. Smart Home devices can do much more than turn on lights these days. They can make life much more convenient and even safer than ever before. Here are four ways to save money and conserve energy with smart home devices.

Control Your Lighting

Simply switching to smart bulbs will automatically start saving you money by using up to 75% less energy than traditional bulbs. Another great feature of smart bulbs is that they last 25 times longer. You can conserve another 40% energy through the use of smart bulb’s dimming features. Setting up motion sensors or scheduling when to turn them on and off can add additional savings.

Control Your Water

Modern smart home sensors can monitor for leaks under sinks, behind your toilet, near washing machines, and suspect valves and pipes. There is even a sensor that can be installed in your main water line that can detect a leaky faucet. When this particular sensor detects a burst pipe or constantly running toilet, it will turn off the water to prevent flooding. This is especially handy if you are on vacation or a business trip away from home.

Control Your Heating and Cooling

Machine learning is quickly becoming a main feature of smart home devices. This is greatly appreciated in a smart thermostat, as your heating and cooling bill is always your largest expenditure on utilities. Smart thermostats can be programmed to a set of specific conditions, but it will quickly learn your habits and then adapt its settings to optimize your energy use.

Control Your Excess Power

Electrical appliances and devices left plugged in are constantly drawing power from your outlets, even when turned off. This is offset somewhat by Energy Star compliant appliances and devices, but there is still significant energy waste, which costs you money for this excess power. Plugging these appliances and devices into a smart plug or smart strip can track energy usage and turn off the plug or strip when the devices are not in use.

For more information about smart home installation services, contact Nipper Electric today and save yourself money while reducing your energy usage.