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5 Electrical Panel Problems

5 Electrical Panel Problems

The electrical panel controls all of your house’s electronics and appliances. Everything from your bare table lamp to your brand-new television requires electricity from the panel, so when the panel begins to malfunction, things can go very wrong very fast. Here are some issues to watch for to avoid being shocked — figuratively and literally — down the road. 

Tripping Breakers

A tripping power breaker is standard and not too concerning in and of itself. It simply means the panel is overloaded. If it happens constantly, though, it can be an issue. Sometimes, your power breaker may be unable to power up even the most energy-efficient appliances, so it’s probably time for an upgrade. 

Corroded Metal

Metal rusts when there’s too much moisture in the air. Rust can turn the metal brittle and weak, and this is a problem for your electrical panel, which can malfunction if the corrosion spreads too quickly. This is a relatively common problem, but that doesn’t mean it should be taken for granted. 

Electrical Shocks

You may not be seriously injured if you get a minor electrical shock, but if it happens continuously, it’s a problem. A malfunctioning electrical panel can cause your outlets and switches to spark when you’re using them. Electrical shocks can range from harmless to deadly, so get an electrician’s help. 

Burned Spots or Smells

An overheating electrical panel can quickly become a burning electrical panel. Whether you see burnt spots in the metal, are faced with a burning odor, or both, such a problem can become more than just an annoyance. Call an electrician before you end up with an electrical fire.

Outdated Technology

If your panel is having trouble powering your appliances and electronics, it can mean it is beginning to weaken and break down. However, it can also mean that your panel is simply old and unable to handle modern electronics. Either way, you can get it upgraded to avoid worse problems in the future. 

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If your electrical panel has issues, don’t wait for it to spark a bigger emergency. Instead, act fast and let Nipper Electric repair or upgrade your electrical panel. Contact us today.