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A Guide to LED Retrofit Lighting

A Guide to LED Retrofit Lighting

LED Retrofitting: What is It?

If you’re a business owner, you’ve likely heard about (or considered installing) LED retrofit lighting. Maybe you’re actively gathering information on the process before you go out and get the job done. In any case, here’s a short guide to retrofitting your property or facility. 

“LED retrofitting” describes the process of a large-scale lighting upgrade and replacement to install an LED lighting system. Quite literally, the word “retrofit” is synonymous with “conversion.” So, you’re converting your current lighting system over to an LED solution. 

Why Should Business Owners Undergo LED Lighting Retrofits?

LED lights are growing more popular, gradually replacing traditional systems of lighting technology. When you replace traditional lighting with LED lights, you’re switching over to a more energy-efficient option. Also, you’ll be able to cut down on operating costs, including the cost of recurring maintenance. Finally, LED lights provide superior lighting quality compared to many traditional lighting options. 

What Should I Consider Before Starting an LED Retrofit?

LED lights work a bit differently from traditional lighting options. So, before the retrofitting process, there are a few things to consider:

  • Understand that luminaires and fixtures aren’t the same things. If you opt to retain your current fixtures, you’ll slightly reduce your options for compatible conversion with regard to bulbs. However, if you choose to replace both the fixture and the light, your options will span the entire market. Either way, LEDs are designed to be compatible with standard lighting fixtures.
  • The hardware used to dim LEDs is typically not compatible with traditional lighting systems. So, you’re going to require LED dimmers alongside your new bulbs.

Are you a commercial property owner interested in LED retrofitting? The lighting experts at Nipper Electric are here and ready to help. For more information, contact us today.