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Amazing Outdoor Spaces for Summer

Amazing Outdoor Spaces for Summer

Don’t Let the Fun End When the Sun Goes Down!

Outdoor entertainment is the best way to enjoy beautiful weather all year long, especially in summer. Pool patios, outdoor kitchens, custom grills and cozy decks are outdoor spaces that add value to your home and fun to your summer. Nipper Electric can help you with all your outdoor entertainment spaces. We are a locally owned family business that has been serving the Virginia Beach area for over 18 years. Our professional and licensed electricians can get your outdoor fun started with:


  • outdoor patioOutdoor Dedicated Circuit Wiring
  • Outdoor Ceiling Fan Installations
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Pool and Hot Tub Wiring
  • Solar Installations
  • Flat Screen TV Installations
  • Bar or Kitchen Outdoor Wiring
  • Underwater Lighting


If you’re looking to add some space or just get ready for your annual cookout, Nipper Electric can help you upgrade your outdoor space.

Summer Nights Stay Fun

Though summer officially starts in June, many see Memorial Day as the beginning of the summer season. Cook–outs, fireworks, and swimming make us all feel like kids again. An added outdoor entertainment space can keep that feeling going into the night.

As you plan your outdoor space, consider these three things:


  • What do I love?
  • What area do I use the most?
  • What area would I like to use more?


Answering these three questions will help you decide which outdoor spaces to add or how to upgrade the ones you have. Here are just a few things to consider adding to your outdoor space or including in your design:

  • Good Food – Any outdoor summer celebration isn’t complete without some great food. You can get the best food at home and save money with:
    • Custom Grills
    • Customized Outdoor Kitchens
    • Brick Pizza Ovens
    • Customized Smokers
    • Outdoor Refrigerators or Wine Chillers
  • Comfortable Surroundings- Summertime doesn’t have to be sweltering all the time. You can control your comfort with additions like:
    • Lighted Fountains
    • Hot Tubs
    • Pools with Underwater Lighting
    • Ceiling Fan Installations
    • Cooled Decks
    • Kids Water Play Area
  • Entertainment- Just because you’re outside, it doesn’t mean you have to miss some of your favorite indoor entertainment. You can keep the fun going with:
    • flat screen installations - NipperElectricFlat Screen TV
    • Entertainment Center
    • Weather Proofed Arcade Games
    • Sound System
    • Stereo or Juke Box Music System

The possibilities are endless for your outdoor space, whether you choose to design a new one or upgrade the one you have.

Shed Some Light On Your Yard

2 bulbs onLighting is a major design tool for outdoor spaces. You want your guests to be able to see where they’re going and who they are talking too. Here are a few tips for lighting your outdoor spaces:

  • Light Pathways First. Night time is the right time for trips and falls, keep paths, exits and entrances well lit for safety. The lighting can be soft as long as it is directed toward the ground.
  • Light the spaces you Love. If you have a beautiful patio, light it up. Add lights that enhance the area and allow people to see what they are doing.
  • Keep it Soft- Soft and gentle lighting can still be bright. Aim lights away from faces so no one has a light shining in their eyes. Keep the color and brightness diffused so the light doesn’t glare, but is enjoyable.

Summer Fun, Here We Come!

Summer can stay fun all day long with the right outdoor space. If you’re looking to add a few changes or start a new design, Nipper Electric can help you. Our skilled staff can help you with lighting design, new wiring, wiring repair or upgrades to your outdoor electrical. Give us a call at 757-842-1710 or make an appointment online. We can start your summer off right!