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Baby Proofing: What You Need to Know

Baby Proofing: What You Need to Know

When bringing a new addition home, the to-do lists can be overwhelming as a first-time parent. One very important step is the careful process of baby-proofing outlets and other hazardous components in your home. Babies are always discovering different textures and feelings and often stick their little hands into places they shouldn’t. There are simple steps you can take to ensure your home is properly baby proofed just in time for your new little addition’s arrival:

  • Childproof (tamper-resistant) outlets are an essential tool for preventing those little fingers from getting shocked or damaged. Tamper-resistant outlets are especially useful as they contain a built-in shutter system that only allows electrical power to flow when both plugs have equal pressure and is applied to both sides of the receptacle. This makes it especially difficult for children to access the outlet. This reduces the risk of electrical shock significantly and gives you peace of mind, knowing your child is safe from harm’s way.
  • Sliding outlet covers are useful since they are easily accessible but simultaneously will keep any baby’s little fingers away. This type of outlet cover automatically closes over the socket holes after it has been used. This feature notably makes it safer for children, since it presents no choking hazard, and does not require placing pieces of it back on after it’s been utilized.
  • Box outlet covers range in a variety of sizes and can be easily installed. They are great for when you need to have something plugged in regularly but still want to protect your child from playing with the outlet.

If you are worried that you have improperly installed a baby-proof cover or are looking for a professional installation of a tamper-resistant outlet, contact Nipper Electric for professional, expert installation services that can help your family and your children’s safety.