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Be Winter Ready

Be Winter Ready

Professional Electricians Get Your Home Winter Ready

Virginia Beach winters can be harsh. Winters regularly dip into the 30s and below. Snow and Ice can cause power outages during these cold temperatures. Being prepared for this weather is vital to the health and safety for your family and business. Nipper Electric can help you stay warm and safe through electrical services like:

The team at Nipper Electric is proud to provide services to the Chesapeake, Norfolk and Virginia Beach area. Keeping your home and business running is what we do best.

Extra Work for Your Electricity

Lower temperatures bring higher electrical usages. Cold weather and early night fall creates extra electrical usage. Use following little tricks to lower your electrical use, lighten the load on your panel or just save money on your bill.

  • Use LED Lighting- LED lighting is great for the environment and for your wallet.
  • Add a Panel or Upgrade – Overwhelmed circuits and panels can blow. An upgraded or additional panel can help with the extra usage.
  • Insulate- Like water heaters, electrical outlets need insulation. Insulating electrical outlets cuts down on heat loss and electrical costs.
  • Trim Trees- Check your trees for branches that could bring damage. Cut back the branches you can. If power lines are involved, call your electrical provider or a trusted electrician who can help with safety concerns. This could save you the trouble of a downed power line or damaged roof.
  • Program Your Home – Programmable thermostats regularly save money and lower the demand on your panel. The heat turns up before you get home and turns down when you leave.

Be Prepared

Winter and coastal weather can be unpredictable. It’s important to be prepared no matter what weather you’re in. Stay protected with these preparations.

  • Have Water on Hand- Be sure to have a few gallons of bottled water on hand for cooking, drinking and even bathing.
  • Stock up on Batteries- Flashlights and batteries should stay ready to use all year long, but especially in the cold and dark months of winter.
  • Full Tank Everyday- Keep the gas tank in your car full, especially during winter or hurricane season.
  • Full Pantry- Have food ready, especially nonperishable items like nuts, peanut butter, bread, cereal and some fruits. Being snowed in is worse when there’s nothing to eat.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors- Have one of these installed and up to date in your home, especially during outages. They will pick up on dangerous carbon monoxide fumes that can occur during outages.

Generate Some Heat

The absolute best way to prepare for a power outage is to never really have one.  Generators are incredible additions for many reasons.

  • Generators can take over the power for your home or business without skipping a beat.
  • You can choose which type of generator you want and how much power it can handle.
  • You can use a generator to back up data on computers.
  • A generator can lower power bills by covering a portion of your electrical demand all year long.

Generators will keep you warm and safe during any weather or electrical failure. This is not a DIY job. Contact a professional to wire it properly and handle all the installation.

Stay Warm and Safe

Nipper Electric wants you to have a safe and warm winter. We know how unpredictable the weather can be. Please call us at 757-842-1710 or schedule an appointment online. We will have you winter ready in no time.