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Benefits of Dock Boat Lifts for Your Summer Fun

Benefits of Dock Boat Lifts for Your Summer Fun

It’s summer again and that means one thing in Virginia Beach, it’s time to get back out on the water! Nipper Electric is here to help you make the switch to boat lifts. We offer a wide range of dock electrical services including:

  • dock-electrical-workDock Lighting Installations
  • Dedicated Circuits
  • Marina Power Pedestal Installations
  • Shore Power Pedestal Installations
  • Dock Electrical Maintenance
  • Dock Motor Boat Lifts

Our experts can get your dock wired for a super summer.

One of the most popular dock installations that we do is the boat lift. Here are just a few of the benefits of adding a Boat Lift to your dock this summer.

Prevent Sinking

The majority of boats that sink will sink at the dock. In fact, almost 70% of sinking boats occur at the dock. Causes include:

  • Improper Docking
  • Wear & Tear
  • Dead Batteries
  • Bilge Pump Failures

A boat lift gets your boat safely out of the water and prevents damage that comes from waves. Your trusted electrician in Virginia Beach can wire the boat lift to fit your dock perfectly.

Clean Less, Boat More

From algae to barnacles to blisters to, boats left in the water get messy. Boat lifts keep you boat out of the water so they stay clean, getting you out on the water faster and safer.


The main cause of damage to boats is wet storing your boat. Areas often damaged from wet storage include:


  • docked boatHulls
  • Outdrive
  • Shafts
  • Propellers
  • Paint


If your boat is left in saltwater, it can also corrode. Corrosion can increase the danger of electrocution or overheating.

Save Money and Time

Getting your boat in and out of the water is a difficult chore. Using a boat life can save you time and money by:


  • Increasing Resale Values
  • Lower Repair Costs
  • Provide Easier Docking and Undocking
  • Lower Costs for Hull Repainting and Upkeep
  • Lower Fuel Costs
  • Enhance Overall Performance


A boat life can help you get the most out of your boating this season. Nipper Electric provides expert boat lift installations that will keep you and your family safe and happy this summer. Call us today at 757-842-1710 or make an appointment online . We’ll have your boat secure all summer long.