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Best Tips for Flat Screen TV Installation

Best Tips for Flat Screen TV Installation

Most homes today use flat-screen televisions for their viewing experiences. Older televisions were much heavier and more difficult to lift, and while that’s become easier to address today, flat-screen TVs are still challenging to install. When poorly installed, the wiring can make the home look less appealing. Here are a few tips to consider when installing a flat-screen TV.

Do Not Run a Cord Through Your Wall

The most important tip in flat-screen TV installation is to avoid running any cord through a wall. Whether it’s an extension cord or an electrical cord, neither is fit to store inside a wall. These can cause damage to both your TV and home if something goes wrong. An electrical problem that does happen due to your tv is much easier to manage with easy access to your electrical cords.

Choosing the Right Wall

Flat-screen TVs can be installed anywhere, whether you want to place one above your fireplace or in a bedroom. The strength of your wall is the one thing to check ahead of time. Flat-screen TVs still weigh a decent amount, and you don’t want this to cause damage to your walls. You also want to check for any obstructions to your wall that could pose a problem when installing the TV.

Have Nipper Electric Help

If you live in or near Virginia Beach and need help installing a flat-screen TV, our team at Nipper Electric can help. We can take out most of the guesswork when finding a spot for the TV, and we can use our knowledge and experience to install your TV while following several safety guidelines. While installing flat-screen TVs can be done independently, we can make the process much easier for you. Contact us today to learn more.