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Can Solar Power My Home

Can Solar Power My Home

Homeowners are making the switch to solar energy at increasing rates year after year. Solar energy provides several perks. The biggest perk is decreased reliance on fossil fuels that continue to rise in price. Utilities are higher than ever and will only continue to get higher. Homeowners are saving thousands by switching to renewable energy.

There are also several incentives available at local, state, and federal levels to offset the cost of solar panel installation. When it comes to making the switch to solar, one of the most common concerns is whether or not solar paneling will be able to provide the energy needed to meet different power needs.

Proper Planning and Installation Is Key

To put it simply, solar paneling can provide the necessary power for any size home, regardless of typical power use. What matters most is having a professional installation crew handle the job. A professional installer will take the time to properly gauge your power usage. This is vital in determining how many solar panels you’ll need to provide reliable power for your home. 

Once the right number of panels is determined, the actual installation can impact the efficiency of the system. Solar paneling is attached to mounts that can be angled to get the most sunlight possible. When installed correctly, solar paneling can last anywhere from 25-30 years. Solar paneling is also a major selling point for homebuyers.

Even for large residential properties, solar paneling can provide the energy you need to maintain reliable energy use. With continuous upgrades and new utilization of technology, solar paneling continues to improve year after year.

Does Switching Really Save Me Money?

Switching to renewable, reliable solar energy can save you a significant amount of money. With all the available incentives, installation can cause little or no money out-of-pocket. You’ll also notice immediate savings when it comes to your monthly utility bill. Solar panel installation can reduce your utility costs by up to 90%. 

Making the switch to solar has never been easier. The professionals at Nipper Electric can help you determine if making the switch is right for you. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of switching to solar.