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Childproof Your Electricity Before Baby Arrives

Childproof Your Electricity Before Baby Arrives

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Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is incredibly exciting. As family and friends shower you with gifts and attention, you are likely thinking about all of the wonderful changes coming to your family unit. While this is a beautiful time, it is important to think about safety measures that will need to be implemented so that your baby can live safely in your home. Many people put up baby gates and pad sharp furniture corners, but it is also important to be sure that your home’s electricity is safe from curious fingers. 

What Childproofing Entails

When most parents think of childproofing their electrical outlets, they think about the plastic covers commonly found in baby sections of big box stores. While these may be okay as temporary measures, they are not a good long-term method to keep children safe. The plastic pieces are easily lost, creating a choking hazard. Plus, many children figure out how they work and take them out of the wall. It is best to create a permanent protection plan for your child, so you can rest assured that they are safe from electrical shock. At Nipper Electric, we install specialized outlets that are permanent fixtures, so they cannot be taken from the wall or lost. The fixtures are difficult for children to tamper with and this dissuades them from trying to get inside. Though there are different mechanisms to choose from, most of them include some sort of coordinated pressure or specific fine motor skill to open, making them safe against a child’s curiosity. 

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Many parents put off tasks like these until their children become more interested in playing with outlets. This can leave room for accidents and injuries. Rather than waiting until your child is crawling or walking, install your childproof outlets before they are born to put your mind at ease and ensure their safety. Contact Nipper Electric today to get started.