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Common Appliances That Spike Your Power Consumption

Common Appliances That Spike Your Power Consumption

Being energy efficient is important for any home or business owner. Nobody wants a high electricity bill to pay every month. Having a power consumption meter installed can help you to monitor your power usage while also being able to see which appliances or aspects of your home or business are using the most energy.

Some of the most common appliances that spike energy consumption include: 

1. Electric Furnace

Climate control, especially in the colder months, can cause large spikes in power consumption.

2. Electric Air Conditioning Unit / Central Air Conditioning

Just like with furnaces, energy use may skyrocket when turning on your air conditioning system for the first time in months.

3. Electric Dryer 

While dryers are amazing to have, the amount of energy they use isn’t always great. Electric dryers can sometimes increase your energy consumption as they get older and have to work harder.

4. Water Heater

How often an appliance is used also affects the amount of energy it may use. Because water heaters are frequently used to keep hot water in your home, your readings might spike due to one of these appliances.

5. Space Heaters 

While convenient, space heaters are actually giant energy guzzlers. If you keep a space heater running in a section of your home, that could be a big reason your electricity bill has gone up.

Installing a Power Consumption Meter and Becoming More Energy Efficient 

Has your electricity bill gone up and you can’t figure out why? Are you trying to use less energy? Installing a power consumption meter can help you to not only monitor your appliances and other aspects of your home that use the most power, but it can help you become more energy-efficient too. At Nipper Electric, we offer power consumption meter services to help our customers keep their energy bills low. Contact us here for more information on how a power consumption meter can help you.