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Common Commercial Electrical Problems

Common Commercial Electrical Problems

Owning a commercial property is a major investment. You have to make sure that your tenants, as well as their employees and customers, are comfortable and have all of their needs met. Whether your property is used as a retail store, restaurant, office space, or housing, you need reliable electricity. Electrical systems for commercial facilities are often far more complex than residential setups. This means that any electrical issues will require expert care by a qualified electrician. It is crucial to have your wiring, outlets, and panels regularly inspected and properly maintained to protect your property against common commercial electrical problems.

Rapid Bulb Burnout

Even the most basic electrical issues are multiplied within a commercial property. This applies to something as simple as bulb use. When a light bulb repeatedly fails in the same spot, it can be a simple matter of a poorly wired lighting fixture. When it’s happening throughout your whole property, however, it could be a symptom of a serious issue with a certain circuit or your entire system. If your facility is running through light bulbs more quickly than it should be, have it inspected by a qualified electrician. You may need to upgrade parts of your electrical system to meet the power demands of your lighting.

Dim or Flickering Lights

When you have the appropriate electrical system, you should never have to worry about dimming or flickering lights. These issues can make your space appear unprofessional or run down in the eyes of visitors or potential buyers. Dimming or flickering lights are often caused by poor connections or unwanted interference within the electrical system. It is important to have this inspected and fixed to avoid any permanent damage.

Tripping Breakers

Breakers can be tripped by a short circuit in the system, an overload, or an issue with faulty grounding. Such issues are not just inconveniences that require you to switch your circuit breaker back on, they can also be deadly fire hazards. If you experience regular tripping of certain breakers, that entire circuit should be carefully evaluated, including all wiring and any devices running on it.

Turn to the Professionals

Electrical issues within a commercial property can be much more complicated than a residential property. If you are experiencing one of the above or any other electrical problems, it may be time to update your system to meet the demands of your building. Contact Nipper Electric to learn more.