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Creative Ways to Light Your House

Creative Ways to Light Your House

If all that comes to your mind when you think of “house lights” are basic lamps and ceiling lights, then you might be surprised at all the creative ways you can light your house — without needing to buy a lot of expensive new things.

Embrace Ambient Lighting

From fairy-light strings to electric candles and even orb lights, you can light up any room with a soft, cozy yellow glow. Not only are these lights easy to set up and bright enough for a bedroom, but you have your choice of how to arrange them, allowing artistic liberties in how your room looks.

Look to the Night Sky 

One of the most beautiful light shows we can see might be our own night sky. You can embrace this look in your house, especially when decorating a child’s bedroom. By hanging up LED star lights or even just a moon-shaped light fixture, you can also capture the wonder of space and light up your child’s room.

Use Light Strips

You can light up dark corners of your house with creative light strip placements. For example, you can add lights under your kitchen cabinets to make cooking easier. You can also place a light strip on your headboard to enhance the look of your bedroom or give your art more attention by lighting up its spot on the wall. If there’s any area of your house that could benefit from extra light, a light strip can come in handy.

Call an Electrician

Electronic lights can be beautiful, but like all electronics, they can be dangerous. If you have an electrical problem, don’t try and fix it yourself. Call Nipper Electric to help you replace and repair any broken electrical feature in your house, from your outlets to your fuse box.