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Do I Need an Interlock Kit

Do I Need an Interlock Kit

Generators can efficiently power up your home, vehicle, or other devices. However, you must know how to use generators safely, as failure to install and use them carefully can result in injuries and even health problems. For an additional safety measure, consider purchasing and installing an interlock kit. While you don’t need to buy one, they can make a significant difference in safety when using your generator.

What Does an Interlock Kit Do?

Generators are responsible for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy by using a fuel source and a rechargeable battery. An interlock kit allows for reliable backfeeding of the energy through the generator. If a disaster occurs, such as a power outage or electrical fire, the generator remains protected thanks to the interlock kit.

How Is an Interlock Kit Installed?

An electrician will almost always install an interlock kit on a breaker panel. The reason is that the electricity the generator produces doesn’t travel toward the panel and into the wiring you see on the street. This prevents overloads and other electrical problems. While there are guides online that explain how to install interlock kits, you should always have an experienced professional install the kit for you, mainly for safety concerns.

Why Are Interlock Kits Not Required?

Interlock kits are not required to be installed, as this is primarily a way to improve safety. Should something catastrophic happen, the interlock kit can reduce the amount of damage done to your generator and whatever it is powering. You don’t necessarily need to have a kit, but the benefits may be essential to avoid dangerous situations.

Let Us Install Your Interlock Kit

Our team at Nipper Electric has provided award-winning electrical support to Virginia residents for nearly 30 years. If you have any concerns regarding an interlock kit, get in touch with us immediately, and we’ll be ready to assist you.