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Dock Maintenance Saves Money and Muscles

Dock Maintenance Saves Money and Muscles

Keep Your Boat Running All Summer with Preventative Maintenance

Just like our cars and homes, boats need a little maintenance to keep running. So do our docks. A dock is more than just a place to keep your boat, it’s the protection, prevention and relaxation area for your fishing and boating needs. Nipper Electric knows just how to keep that boat going. Our professional and experienced Virginia Beach area electricians work with dock electrical wiring like:


  • docked boatShore Power Pedestal Wiring
  • Shore Power Pedestal Inspections, Maintenance & Repairs
  • Boat-lifts Wiring
  • Marina Electrical Maintenance
  • Dock Electrical Maintenance
  • Dock or Marina Lighting Installations


Nipper Electric wants to help you keep your boat in the water this summer with a few dock electrical maintenance tips.

Prevention & Protection

Boats take a beating from the elements, especially in salt water. They need a little tender loving care to keep going. With the right prevention and protection, your boat can last a long time and cost you less.

  • lighted dockBoats Need a Home- Even though boats are made to be in the water, sitting in the water for extended periods create a lot of problems. Issues like corrosion, paint peeling, barnacles and marine life damage, and general wear from battering waves happen when boats stay in the water. Docks and marinas provide some protection from the elements, but a motorized boat lift will get your boat out of the water.  Boat lifts save you time, money and sore muscles.
  • Boats Need Power- Boats need the right kind of power to run. This means using boating cords and waterproof electrical equipment. When you don’t use these specific cords and equipment, you run the risk of ruining your boat or causing serious bodily harm to yourself and others. Shore Power Pedestals are a great way to provide adequate power to your boat. Be sure to use the appropriate cord, plug and receptacle for your boat if you have a 50A cord, don’t plug it into a 30A receptacle. You will cause overheating, possible fires and maybe even overwhelm the circuits and create opportunities for electrocution. Nipper Electric can help provide you with trusted electrical experience to make sure you get it right.
  • Boats Need Attention- Boats require maintenance beyond cleaning and motor inspections. Cords, plugs, power pedestals, receptacles and all electrical components should be checked regularly. Once a week take a walk around your dock or marina. Keep an eye out for:
    • damaged housing for all equipment.
    • Cords tangled or knotted together.
    • Quickly draining batteries that might be cause by a ground fault leak.
    • Damaged or frayed wiring.
    • Corrosion on any equipment, take special care to look at plugs, cords, receptacles and wiring.
    • Circuit breaker damage.
    • Signs like smudges, burns or melting that show previous fires occurring.
    • Pieces or parts of equipment that are missing or not securely attached.

You should also have ground resistance testing done each year before you get your boat out.  This will help ensure the area around your boat is still running smoothly before you get into a dangerous situation.

Ride the Waves Not the Electricity

kids wave skiingPerforming regular boat maintenance can help keep everyone safe and your boat running. Nipper Electric regularly performs dock electrical and marina electrical maintenance and installations. Call us today at 757-842-1710. Or make an appointment online while you start planning your next outing. We’ll have you riding the waves in no time.