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Electrical Updates Just In Time for Holiday Guests

Electrical Updates Just In Time for Holiday Guests

big house with all the lights onWith the beginning of the holiday season comes the arrival of guests. Sometimes entertaining can be overwhelming. Nipper Electric wants to make your holiday season as happy and safe as possible, so we’ve come up with a few easy updates that can be done quickly before your guests arrive.

Simple Updates Make Holidays Easier

The holidays are always busy and added guests can make your home even busier. Here’s our list of quick and easy upgrades that can help you welcome guests and keep up with the busy season.

  • Ceiling Fans- For easier and even personalized climate control, ceiling fans can help everyone feel comfortable. Adding one to your family room, den, or guest room can help cut down on heating costs and keep everyone cozy.
  • USB Receptacles- Guests come with their devices; tablets, phones, computers. They will all need a place to charge their favorite gadgets. Instead of fighting over charging space, have a couple of receptacles installed with USB ports in easy to find places. Getting a USB receptacle is quick and easy, plus after guests have left you’ll have easy to use charging stations!
  • Pathway LightingWith guests coming and going, safety and comfort are more important during the holiday season. Icy paths or uneven walkways could spell disaster for your holiday guests. Pathway lighting is easily added or upgraded to help everyone stay safe during winter celebrations.
  • flat screen installations - NipperElectricFlat Screen TVsDepending on what you and your guests love, Thanksgiving is the day to watch Parades or catch up on Bowl Games! What better way to enjoy these annual traditions than with a fully mounted and programmed Flat Screen TV? You can also have a sound system installed and set up to enhance the experience. Nipper Electric offers both of these services if you decide to add them to your home.
  • Kitchen Lighting Kitchens are extremely busy during the holiday season. Having suitable lighting could not only save you time and money, it could also keep you and your guests safe. Consider adding some recessed lighting over work areas. If you haven’t already, add some under cabinet lighting to make for a safer prep area.
  • LED Conversions From heating to cooking to lighting, energy use is way up during the holidays. Investing in these LED Conversions can help you cut down on costs with a simple installation.
  • Security & SafetyThe holiday season is one of the top times for break-ins. Protect your home with a combination of Outdoor Security Lighting and Security Alarms. Outdoor Security Lighting will guard your entrances and exits. These lights can be set up with sensors, timers, or a combination of both. Security Alarms can be installed in your home and come with smart options that can help you monitor your home even while you’re away on vacation. Both can be installed quickly and easily before your first guests arrive.

Easy Holiday Season With Quick and Simple Installs

The holiday season always seems to sneak up on us. Before you know it, the first guest is arriving and you are behind schedule. Nipper Electric can help you stay on schedule and make your holiday season stress-free with a  few additions, upgrades, or installs. Call us today at 757-842-1710 and we’ll get your home holiday ready in no time. Or you can make an appointment online while you make your shopping list or plan for that upcoming bowl game!