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Electrically Safe Workplace

Electrically Safe Workplace

Creating a Safe and Efficient Workplace - Nipper ElectricLet’s face it, this time of year is busy for everyone. The end of year preparations begins as we get ready for taxes, tie up projects and still try to celebrate the holidays. As a family owned electrical business, Nipper Electric knows the challenges business owners face during this busy season. We want to get your business running smoothly and safely during the holiday season. From outdoor security lighting to indoor alarms, a few changes and adjustments can make all the difference.

Safety Always Comes First

Creating a safe environment for your staff and clients is always priority number one for any business owner. Double check these important safety measures.

  • wires on firePrevention Measures- Businesses and offices must keep their fire alarms, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors working and up to date. Using the right alarms in the right areas can not only save your business, but also the lives of your employees and clients.
  • Emergency Plans Your company should have multiple, clear and visible fire emergency plans. These plans should be easily read and understood to make sure that everyone knows where to go in the event of a fire. There should also be clear plans for other disasters such as flooding or tornadoes.
  • Emergency Lighting Solar powered lights or generator backed emergency lighting should be installed professionally. These emergency lights will get everyone to safety in the case of an emergency. They will also cut down on panic and confusion should anything shut off lighting.
  • neon-bulb-on-coinsAppropriate and Active Security Lighting Security lighting needs to be well placed and up to date. Have lighting in the following areas:
    • All Exits and Entrances This is where most crimes occur. Make sure the area is well-lit and free of debris.
    • Parking LotsTo help both with crime prevention and to help with pathway lighting.
    • HallwaysHallway security lighting can help deter criminals and keep clients and employees safe.

Make sure lighting is not too bright or too dim. Overly bright lighting creates shadows and dark spaces where criminals can hide. Lighting that is too dim makes visibility difficult and can help criminals as well.

  • Alarms- A properly installed alarm can scare away intruders, alert the authorities, and give your staff vital extra minutes to escape or hide.

Efficiency is Always Effective

All offices strive to be effective and efficient. Efficiency helps productivity and creates a positive atmosphere for both employees and clients. Here are a few small things that can boost efficiency in your office.

  • Proper Lighting- Having appropriate lighting can greatly increase productivity and lower operating costs. Lighting that is too dim will make employees and customers tired and make them strain to see work or products. Bright lighting that is blinding can cause headaches. Look into LED conversions for more affordable lighting that is also comfortable.  You can also install timers and dimmers to help save even more money.
  • Comfortable Temperature SettingsA lot of offices and businesses struggle with finding the right setting for workspaces. Every office is different, but a programmable thermostat can help you trim your electric bill while still keeping the temperatures comfortable. People are more productive in a comfortable setting. A setting that is too hot often makes people lethargic while one that is too cold can have them preoccupied with getting warm.
  • Recessed lighting in living room - NipperElectricA Special Space to Regroup and Refresh– Every office needs a place for employees to recharge during the day. It could be a break room, conference room, or courtyard. Whatever type of recharging area you have, consider including a flat screen TV, comfortable seating, and comfortable lighting. Try to keep work out of this room as much as possible so your staff can fully refresh and regroup before they return to work.
  • Generators- Generators are not just for emergencies, though they are important tools during any unexpected crisis. These machines can also create surplus power for your office. Even more importantly, generators can help back up your data so nothing is ever lost or damaged.

Small Changes Make Big Differences

Even just a few small changes can make a big difference in your office or business. Always put safety first, for your staff and your clients. Don’t forget to include comfortable lighting, temperature and a nice place to relax. You’ll soon find your staff and customers are happier and busier than ever. If you have any questions about your commercial or municipal electrical needs, call Nipper Electric right away at 757-842-1710.  You can even make an appointment online, we can’t wait to hear from you.