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Electricians Bring Old Houses into the Future

Electricians Bring Old Houses into the Future

Virginia Beach has a wealth of beautiful classic and historic homes. While these gorgeous structures were seriously built to last, bringing in modern advantages can sometimes be difficult. Nipper Electric has been serving the Norfolk, Virginia Beach area for over 18 years. We know the area and the challenges that come with our unpredictable weather and sea air. We can help you update your beautifully classic home with all the modern technology and comforts you need. Some of our services include:

  • typical virginia beach home styleRewiring
  • USB Receptacle Installations
  • Panel Upgrades
  • Smart Wiring
  • Exhaust Fan Installations
  • Lighting Updates
  • Green Technology Installations
  • Solar Panels

Classic homes are unique treasures that need expert care and skilled hands. You can trust our experienced and licensed staff to treat your home with respect and give it the special care it needs.

Problems for Classic or Historic Homes

Classic homes dating all the way back to the 1700s and 1800s are scattered throughout the Virginia Beach area. These homes are gorgeous works of art, but they often need a little modernization to keep up with the times. Issues like tattered wiring, overloaded panels, old exhaust systems, and outdated lighting create dangerous hazards for old homes or simply slow them down.  If you live in an older home, consider these updates for your safety and comfort.

Wiring Crew member Nipper Electric IncWiring-  Homes built before 1950 had the knob and tube wiring. This system used copper wiring insulated by rubber tubing with copper conductors that were inside porcelain knobs. This method worked well for some years, but over time the rubber tubing cracked or was worn away, knobs cracked from heat and copper wiring corroded or became exposed. Exposed wiring can create big issues in your home, dangers include:


  • Shocks
  • Arcing
  • Fires
  • Damage to Technology
  • Fails More Easily


The best way to fix this is to have your trusted electrician inspect your wiring and devise a plan to either replace, rewire, or repair any wiring issues in your older home.

Exhaust Fans- During the 1700s, 1800s, and even early 1900s, there would have been no need for an exhaust fan, and likely no way to install one. Today, however, with our indoor cooking, heating, bathing, and air conditioning, exhaust fans help fight mold and bacteria from growing in our bathrooms, walls, and attics. Mold can cause deterioration and disease in wooden structures of your home, not to mention serious health issues. Luckily, and exhaust fan is a very easy installation.

braker boxPanels –  Often panels of classic homes were built to carry much smaller loads of electrical power, somewhere between 30 and 100 amps. With today’s super-sized technology demands, many homes need more power to keep up. Your electrical panel can be easily and quickly updated or you can add a new panel with dedicated circuits for specific loads. Nipper Electric is experienced in panel upgrades as well as installing solar panels for homes of all types. We’ll know the requirements and can help you find the perfect fit for your home.

Efficient Lighting – Obviously lighting for older homes can be really outdated. While older lighting fixtures still work relatively well, new lighting options can lower your air conditioning bill, electrical bill, and even help you lower the risk of fires. New technology in lighting includes energy efficient lights that don’t give off heat and use less energy to create the same amount of light. These upgrades are also a really quick and easy fix for any home or office.

Keep the Classic but Add the Comfort

classic home with lots of lightingThe best thing about a classic home is how well they are built and how they never go out of style. If you own one of these ageless beauties, it’s important to keep your electrical system up to date. Nipper Electric is here to bring your timeless charmer up to date and keep you safe. Call us today at 757-842-1710 to get your home in tiptop shape. Or make an appointment online. Remember no job is too big or too small to give Nipper a call.