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Fall Electrical Safety Checkup

Fall Electrical Safety Checkup

Checkup for Your Home Or Business

home-in-snowWinter is a time when we gather with loved ones and enjoy special holiday traditions. Many people don’t realize just how hard electrical systems work in the winter.  During the colder weather of winter months, electrical load grows for residential and commercial buildings.  Heaters began running, our homes are full of guests, and extra decoration all lead to more electrical use.  Higher electrical usage can lead to fire hazards.  Circuits can become overloaded, wiring can become frayed and home fires are easily started. Just like our cars, our home electrical systems need winterizing. Nipper Electric has all the services you’ll need to get your home or business ready and keep it running smoothly through the cold weather just around the corner.

To get you ready, we’ve put together a small list to start a fall electrical checkup for your home or business:


  • Check furnaces and heaters before you need them. – Before cold weather is here, take a quick look at your heating system and let it run.  Any issues can be assessed early and repairs and maintenance done before a problem occurs.
  • Tune up old heaters and thermostats. – Repairing and replacing old thermostats and heaters will not only save you money, it could save your life.  Old thermostats or heaters can short out during colder weather and lead to fires.  Installing a programmable thermostat can keep your home safe and warm while saving energy.  Repairing old heaters will help keep your home warm during bitter cold winter days and help prevent electrical fires.
  • Check for GFCI outlets- Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt or GFCIs are necessary for the safety of your home, particularly around areas near water. Hot tubs, pools, bathrooms or under windows create hazardous situations. These outlets prevent electrocution by interrupting circuits when they become dangerously over charged. Check inside and outside your home for these important outlets, if they do not seem to be working properly or there aren’t any installed, have Nipper Electric install them for you immediately.
  • Run routine checks on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors- Both smoke/fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are required for the continued safety of your home. Every 6 to 8 months all alarms or detectors should be checked. Simply press the button and wait for a beep. If you don’t have a Carbon Monoxide detector, get one immediately installed. Carbon monoxide is commonly called the silent killer because it is mostly undetectable by human senses because it is a gas that is both odorless and colorless.
  • Prevent Circuit Overloads – Circuits easily overload in the winter with because of appliances, decorations, and heating. Have your wiring checked and, if needed, repaired. You can also add surge protectors to your wiring system. These surge protectors are not the same as those used on cords to protect your belongings, these surge protectors prevent electrical overloads and fires, they protect your home.
  • Emergency Generator Installation/Repair/Maintenance – Winter is the worst time to be without power. If you don’t currently have a Generator, they are a wonderful addition to keep your home running safely during winter weather. If you already have a generator, it’s important to get it checked for needed repairs before bad weather strikes. Cold weather can lead to further dangers, especially fire hazards and Carbon Monoxide dangers that result from people trying to keep warm.


Nipper Electric takes the safety of your theme as the very seriously.  We want to keep your home and business hazard free for winter relax and enjoy the holidays.  Before the first snow hits, you can get your home or business winter ready now with Nipper Electric. Call us today at 757-842-1710 or make an appointment online to finish preparing for winter months.