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Faulty Light Fixture Warning Signs

Faulty Light Fixture Warning Signs

Each day, you rely on your light fixtures to work properly. We tend to take them for granted, so when they fail, it can come as a shock that leaves us, quite literally, in the dark. However, there are a few signs you can look out for to tell you whether your light fixtures are damaged, dying, or needing to be replaced.

Abnormal Noises

If your light fixture doesn’t sound normal, something is wrong. If you hear a humming, buzzing, or popping noise while the light fixture is in use, there may be a circuit gap causing the electricity to jump.

Burning Smell

Electrical problems can create electrical fires. If your light fixture produces a burning smell, immediately turn it off and get an electrician’s help. 


Faulty light fixtures tend to flicker. While this is sometimes just an issue with the bulb itself, if replacing the bulb doesn’t fix the issue, then the electrical powering your light fixture has the problem.

Brightness Fluctuations

A good light fixture won’t get unexpectedly bright or dim. It should stay the same brightness every time you use it. This is another issue that a dying bulb might cause. Still, if it happens consistently, or if you notice the fluctuations happening when you use another electrical appliance simultaneously, it’s time for repairs.

Switches Not Working

If there’s a delay between you flicking a switch and the light coming on, it might mean an issue with the wiring. The connection might be worn down or an issue with the switch or light fixture itself.

Repair Your Fixtures With Our Help

If you’re having problems with a faulty electrical fixture, Nipper Electric can help. We’ll diagnose the issue and make the repairs or replacements you need, so contact us today to schedule an appointment.