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Finding an Electrician You Can Trust in Virginia Beach

Finding an Electrician You Can Trust in Virginia Beach

nipper-electric-hoodie with logoChoosing the right electrician or electrical contractor in Virginia Beach can be overwhelming. To help you find the electrical services you need, here are a few things to consider when you start searching for a dependable electrician.

  • Are They Fully Licensed and Insured?- Fully Insured and licensed electricians have the proper licenses to perform the services you are looking for. They will also be covered so that should any damages occur during the work will be covered by the insurance of the electrician.
  • Does Their Labor Come with Warrantees? An electrician who provides trusted and reliable work will be happy to put a warranty on their labor. Then, should any issues come up that are tied to the work, they will be happy to come out and fix those problems at little or no cost to you.
  • What Kind of Experience Do the Electricians Have?- Look carefully at the projects the electrician has previously performed and the years they have been active. Ask the following questions:
    • Are they experienced in many areas of electrical work or do they only specialize in one area?
    • Do the offer commercial and residential services?

    • Can they work with new technology?

    • How long have they been providing services in the area?

All of these questions will help you see just how much experience the electrician has before you hire them. Look for a business that works in residential and commercial services as well as someone who can work on new technology and equipment.

Also look for an electrician that has been working for more than a few years. The more experienced an electrician has, the better they will be able to serve you.

  • Check Out Their Reviews- In today’s world of constant comment on social media, it isn’t unusual to come across a bad review every now and then. However, when you find overwhelmingly positive reviews, you can bet you’ve found an electrician that will work hard to meet your standards.
  • Look for an Official Place of Business- Some electricians are more like a handy man. An electrician who has an official office is an established and trusted electrician, someone you can depend on and go to when you have issues with your electricity.
  • Look for Simple Straight-Forward Pricing- Professional electricians should be able to give you an estimate or show you a clear bill. Those who can’t, might be taking more of your money than they need to. Nipper Electric provides clear-cut pricing for all of our clients to keep the guesswork out of electrical work.  We also offer multiple discounts to our hardworking neighbors and friends in the Virginia Beach area.
  • Don’t Choose the Cheapest Option- Sometimes the cheapest offer is not the best offer. Good work costs money, that doesn’t mean it can’t be affordable too. Take a close look at other aspects, like the ones we mentioned here.

Your Trusted Electrician in Virginia Beach

You can get the electrical services you need from a dependable electrician right down the road. Nipper Electric has been providing trusted electrical services to Virginia Beach for over 25+ years. If you have any electrical issues or are looking for a new electrician, call us today at 757-842-1710. We offer licensed and insured electrical work that you can trust. You can even make an appointment online today so you can keep up with your busy schedule.