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Fixing Common Generator Issues

Fixing Common Generator Issues

Like any household appliance, generators can experience breakdowns or damage, mainly if they are frequently used in harsh conditions. This can lead to various types of malfunctions or a decrease in the generator’s efficiency.

If your generator stops working, contacting the experts at Nipper Electric for prompt repair or replacement services is essential.

Frequent Causes of Standby Generator Problems

Several typical issues can arise with standby generators. Here are some of the most prevalent ones:

  • Coolant System Leaks – Coolant leaks in generators are a common problem. These leaks can drastically reduce the coolant level, eventually triggering the generator’s heat sensors to shut down the unit. Coolant leaks might be due to several reasons, including cracked cylinder heads, leaking engine cylinder gaskets, or faulty sleeves.
  • Worn or Compromised Wiring – Over time, generator wiring can become frayed, corroded, or even severed. Signs of wiring issues include malfunctioning gauges, low voltage alerts, or frequent breaker trips. It’s crucial to address these wiring problems promptly, as they can be hazardous.
  • Belt Deterioration – Regular use of generators can lead to belt wear and tear. Belts can also degrade over time, regardless of usage frequency. If you notice that the belts in your generator are dry, worn, or cracked, replacing them before they break is advisable.
  • Fuel System Issues – Fuel problems in generators often stem from contamination in the fuel tank. Bacteria, sediment, and algae can enter the system, causing blockages in the fuel line and reducing the generator’s performance.

Expert Generator Services by Nipper Electric

Nipper Electric offers services for repairing, replacing, and maintaining standby generators in the Virginia Beach, VA region. You can contact their team through their website for assistance with your generator needs.