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Four Reasons You Should Consider Recessed Lighting

Four Reasons You Should Consider Recessed Lighting

If you are undergoing renovations in your home or simply looking for ways to update your lighting fixtures and brighten things up, recessed lighting is a great option to consider. If your room has outdated hanging lights or ceiling fixtures, recessed lighting can add a more modern touch, and give you the ability to make a smaller room feel more spacious. Consider these four benefits, if you are looking for a way to incorporate recessed lighting into your home.

  1. Modern color choices in reflectors, lights, and trim help to bring a more finished and upscale look to any room. The lights are also safer than hanging lights for children, as they are in a protected casing to guard against mishaps.
  2. Highlighting artwork, bookcases, and objets d’art is easy with recessed lighting because it can be used to cast light on a specific wall or area that you wish to highlight.
  3. If you want your room to feel bigger, the “wall washing” effect of recessed lighting can help you to achieve that look. This lighting effect uses a directional reflector in the light’s trim to cast light onto the walls and bring more light to the room. In a room with sloped ceilings, “eyeball trim” recessed lights are a great option to build this effect.

The most important aspect of creating a wall washing effect is to ensure that the lights are spaced out correctly from each other and the wall. The goal of the lighting effect is to aim the reflectors of the recessed lighting fixtures at the walls to cast overlapping, ambient light on all the walls, effectively making the room feel bigger and brighter.

Another way that recessed lighting fixtures make a room feel bigger is simply the reduction of clutter in the visual space. Hanging fixtures take up space in the room and interrupt the aesthetics of the ceiling.

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