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Get Ready for TVS!

Get Ready for TVS!

Winter is the Perfect Time for New TVs

guys watching tvAre you read for some TV?! Winter is a season of intense television viewing. Major televised events like awards shows, winter premieres or finales, and the Super Bowl draw in large crowds. Plus, people like to stay home and bundle up in front of a good show. Retailers even drastically drop tech and TV prices to prepare for higher demand during winter. Nipper Electric can help you get your tech and TV ready with:




Before you begin your tech and TV shopping, here are a few things to think about.


Everything is smart or if not, then there’s an app for it. This doesn’t end with your phones. Lights, thermostats, computers and TVs can be programmed to fit your unique needs.


  • Stereo Sound- Giant sound systems have long been a thing of the past. You can choose between many space-saving options.
    • Sound Bars- Sound bars go in front of your TV and improve the sound. They do not create an overall surround sound feeling, so if that’s what you’re looking for, it’s best to upgrade to a different system.
    • Surround Sound. Tiny speakers placed around your room create surround sound. They hang from different places in the room. Nipper Electric is an expert at hiding wiring, even for speakers
  • Streaming Services- Want more football action or behind the scenes antics? With streaming services, you can watch extras on your computer or smart TV and never miss a second. Roku, Amazon Fire and Chromecast are just a few devices you can use for streaming.



The main attraction of any winter viewing is the TV. Luckily, many stores slash prices on their best TVs just in time. Sometimes these prices even beat Black Friday prices. The choices are endless so picking the perfect screen for your home is the hardest part. Here are some things to consider before you buy your new TV.


  • Flat Screens- Flat screen TVs are known for their incredible pictures. They can also be put anywhere. Before you buy:
    • Choose the right size. Most experts suggest 32 inches for bedrooms and 40 inches or more for living rooms. To help decide size, take a step or two back. Viewing the TV from the same distance you would at home can help you see if it will fit.
    • Check the Weight. If you’re going to hang your flat screen, make sure you have appropriate beam support.
    • Check your Wiring – If your wiring is faulty, your viewing will be too.
  • Curved TVs- For the most part, curved TVs are supposed to give a more immersive viewing experience and a couple other new perks. Overall, product testers have not come to a conclusion yet on the benefits of curved TVs. The perks are really in the eye of the beholder. n
  • Smart TVs- If you often use streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime, a smart TV might be a smart choice. While other streaming devices can plug into HDMI TV outlets, smart TVs put everything in one.

Winter is a great time for hanging out with family and friends. Bunching up in front of an exciting game or show is even better with the right gear. Nipper Electric is the Virginia Beach Area’s best for installing flat screens and helping with wiring. We can add wires, install or hang TVs and even hide wires in molding. Our skilled and professional team will have you ready for your next big bash. Call us at 757-842-1710 to get set up today. Or make an appointment online.