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Green Technology Just Keeps Growing

Green Technology Just Keeps Growing

Trusted Virginia Beach Electricians Love New Technology

One of the fun things about each New Year is seeing all the new gadgets and gizmos. As we go about our lives, designers and dreamers are finding new and exciting ways to go green. Nipper Electric is committed to continuing their commitment to green technology.  These may not be coming right away, but this glimpse into the future is really exciting for green electricians like Nipper Electric.  

Solar Energy Emerges

solar pannels

We have always been a fan of solar energy. Our partnership with Convert Solar continues to bring the best solar power for the Virginia Beach area.
ou know we are keeping our eye out on these future solar options.


  • All In One Solar Cell and Battery- These batteries store energy longer and safer. The unit includes a flow style battery and a solar cell that is dye sensitive. Recharging takes less energy and can save consumers over 15%.
  • Solar Panel Roof Hybrids –A new option comes in a hybrid form of solar roofing.  Solar panels are installed with flat pipes. The pipes take heat away from areas over warm areas and move it where it is needed. They also cool the panels by around 15%, which creates even more energy. A prototype is currently being tested.
  • Plastic Manufactured Solar Cells – That’s right, even our solar cells can be improved with plastic. Developers are working on a new synthetic that will increase solar energy output. All this while lowering energy loss during solar power conversion.


Incredible Electrical Vehicles

electric car in repairIt seems like almost everyone is getting in on the EV game. Designers are pushing the electrical vehicle envelope further and further. Some of these new designs may not be practical for every day, but they are a sign of what’s to come in the future.


  • Start Your Engines!  That’s right even race cars are going green. Both Audi and Porsche are coming out with electric or hybrid racing cars.
  • Smarter Smart Cars – Volvo is introducing the S90 T8 in 2016 that will feature many new developments in autonomous driving. Your electric vehicle will be able to help you drive. These new cars will be smart for the environment and for your safety.
  • Autos With Edge – Just about everyone from Cadillac to Chevy to Tesla is coming out with exciting, luxurious electric or hybrid cars. These cars are just the beginning of electric vehicle evolution. Nipper Electric works hard to continue providing green alternatives like EV Charging stations for businesses and homes alike.


Green is Getting Good

We all know that energy can be expensive. Our lives are affected by increased energy demands. Most of us have many different devices in our homes; from smart phones to smart tvs to computers or tablets. We run on energy.

Our need for electricity doesn’t mean we need to stop caring about the cost to our budgets or our planet. Nipper Electric is dedicated to green energy. Our dedicated and professional staff know energy efficient code and technology. We are happy to help you keep your home running while protecting the environment. Please call us at 757-852-1710 or schedule an appointment online today. We can’t wait to get you started with green energy solutions.