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Home Security Tips for the Season  

Home Security Tips for the Season  

house-in-the-snowThis time of year is the busiest time of the year. Unfortunately, it can also be a popular time for crime. Nipper Electric is a locally owned family business that makes your safety a priority. We love the Virginia Beach area and have been providing dependable local electrical services for over 15 years. During this season of increased break-ins, we want to share some of our experience and knowledge with you. Here are some top tips for preventing break-ins and crimes at your home this holiday season.

Here’s a quick guide to help you.

  • Know Your Home- This doesn’t mean that you have to have extremely close relationships but be aware of your home and the people who live nearby. This will help you recognize suspicious activity and unusual people before it’s too late.
  • Sealed Up Tight– Have the right kinds of locks and latches to shut everything in. From your front door to windows to your garage door, make sure each entrance is closed and locked at night and while you’re away.
  • Alarms– There are many types of alarms available. Options include alarms for doors only, alarms that even register when your windows rattle or break, and even alarms that communicate directly with your phone. Alarms are so effective that this study found that over 60% of criminals are deterred when they see home alarms are in use! Make sure your alarm system is properly installed and programmed.
  • big house with all the lights onSecurity Lighting– Outdoor Security Lighting can make a big difference in your home protection systems. However, you have to be careful that you are lighting your home up properly. Don’t make lights too dim, or they won’t provide enough illumination to stop crime. Don’t make them too bright either or they will create shadows that encourage crime. Place lighting at entrances and exits as well as dim areas of your home. The experts at Nipper Electric will help you set up the perfect security lighting for your property.

Extra Protection for Your Home While You Travel

This is the busiest travel season. Criminals know this and are looking for every opportunity to run off with your valuable belongings. Here are some extra precautions to take while you travel.

  • Stop Deliveries- Put a stop on newspaper deliveries, subscriptions, and mail. Over-loaded mailboxes and packages at the door are a sure sign your home is empty. You could also have a neighbor or friend pick up your mail.
  • Extend Get Away? Make Your Home Appear Occupied- If you’re out for an extended time period, make your home look occupied. You can do this by doing the following:
    • Have someone park in your driveway. Or have someone move the car in and out of the garage periodically.
    • Hire a service to plow your driveway.
    • Ask a neighbor to stop by and keep an eye on things.
    • Install video monitoring security systems that can be accessed remotely by your phone.
    • Add timed lights. There are even lights that can be programmed for different times of the day, different days, to make your home look even more lived in.
  • Just a Night Out? Take These Precautions:
    • Turn on a radio or TV.
    • Make sure gifts are out of sight of windows.
    • Turn on some lights.
    • Install Security Lighting.

 Everyday Precautions

Thieves are opportunists. They are looking for every chance they can get to gain entrance to your home. Be cautious.

  • Deliveries- Double check the uniform and vehicle of any deliveries before you open the door. Are you expecting a package? Is this a courrier you are familiar with?
  • Watch the Garbage– Don’t throw out cardboard boxes that will advertise what you got or are giving this season. Instead, save those boxes for storage or find a more private way to dispose of them.
  • Take Inventory– Right after the Holidays is a great time to take an annual or bi-annual inventory of what is in your home. Include all new additions and note anything you’ve gotten rid of. This will also help with tax season and with insurance claims should anything happen to your home.

Home Safe Home

nipper-electric-discountsKeeping your home secure and safe is important all year long. At Nipper Electric, we take your safety seriously. From electrical wiring to security systems, our skilled experts are here to help protect your home every day. Call us today at 757-842-1710 or make an appointment online. We are ready to help you with all your home security and safety needs.