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How Heat Damages Electrical Systems

How Heat Damages Electrical Systems

As temperatures heat up, not just us need to keep cool. Our electronics are susceptible to temperature damage and may malfunction when things get too hot. This summer, keep an eye out for any of these heat-based electrical problems you may run into.

Power Outages

Power outages are very common in the summer. This is because more people are running electricity to have fans and air conditioners running. At the same time, your fridge and freezer need to spend more energy to keep things cool. This results in everyone using the electricity at once and overloading the grid. You can lower this risk by finding other ways to stay cool, such as swimming or having an ice cream day with the family.

Harder to Cool Water

Power plants around the world rely on water both to create steam and to cool down machinery. Both of these uses rely on the water being at the right temperature. Unfortunately, when things get too hot, it’s much harder to cool down on the water, which can slow down or even delay power plant progress.

Electronics Malfunction

Have you ever noticed that your computer works poorly when it overheats or how giant supercomputers must be kept in a cool environment? That’s because heat can “fry” your electronics, making them less and less functional the hotter it gets. Electronics already generate electricity, so keeping the environment cool helps keep this from happening.

Sagging Power Lines

Even power lines can be at risk when it’s too hot. In the summer, they’re already loaded with electrical current. Meanwhile, the aluminum and copper conductors expand in heat, which can cause them to sag.

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If you have an electrical issue this summer, contact Nipper Electric. We’ll fix your damaged or malfunctioning electrics and restore power to your home.