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How to Prepare Your Solar Panels for Fall

How to Prepare Your Solar Panels for Fall

With summer coming to an end, fall and winter are right around the corner, bringing in shedding leaves and shorter days. For solar panel owners, this may seem frightening, with thoughts of extreme energy conservation on the horizon. However, shorter days should not be a cause for panic, and preparing your solar panels for fall is easier than ever. Here are some helpful tips for ensuring your solar panels stay in working order all fall and winter long: 

  • Cleaning off cells. In the fall, trees shedding their leaves can lead to debris accumulation on your panels, so getting into the habit of cleaning your cells before the season starts is key to keeping your energy production high.
  • Securing and adjusting your panel angle. One of the most important parts of preparing your solar panels for fall is making sure they are securely on your roof, as well as making sure they are tilted at an angle that maximizes the amount of light they receive during the day is crucial for fall preparation.
  • Testing for dead or damaged cells. With less light during the day, finding and replacing any dead cells on your panels is an important step for making sure your panels are fully functional and ready to absorb as much light as they can during the colder months. In the summer, one dead cell may not be an issue due to longer periods of sun exposure. However, this can be detrimental to your power supply in the winter, so replacing these cells before daylight saving time is in your best interest.

Getting Help With Your Solar Panels

All of these practices are part of a proper routine maintenance plan for your solar panels and can easily be addressed by a solar repair technician. At Nipper Electric, our team of expert electricians can properly diagnose any problems with your solar panels, helping you avoid problems later on in the season. For a full breakdown of our services, visit our website and contact us today.