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How Winter Weather Affects Indoor Lighting

How Winter Weather Affects Indoor Lighting

Whether it’s a Thanksgiving or Christmas party you’re planning to host, you need reliable lighting to keep everyone safe. With winter approaching, you likely have a list of things to check throughout your home to ensure you’re warm and protected. However, you should also add indoor lighting maintenance to your list, as winter weather can affect its performance.

Why Does Outside Weather Affect Interior Lighting?

It may seem unusual at first, but winter weather can either positively or negatively affect your interior lighting setup. Most light bulbs become less efficient and weaker in colder climates. Because they are constantly exposed to colder temperatures, they release excess heat to keep up with the weather, yet this can cause the bulbs to break. Even though your lighting is inside, the outside weather can still play a pivotal role in how your electrical setup performs.

However, if you use LED bulbs throughout the winter, you may not notice any significant issues. LED bulbs are designed to withstand colder temperatures better than traditional bulbs, mainly due to their durability.

Cold Weather Affects Wiring

When your home has ample wiring, electricity works efficiently in keeping your appliances running and your home lit. You don’t want to be cooking a feast and suddenly have to work in the dark. When your wiring or electrical panel begins to wear down due to the cold, it can affect your lighting. It also matters how your wiring is installed and how old your wiring is. For example, if you’re using poorly made wires that frequently get tangled or are weakening, you risk losing power, which is the last thing you want with the holidays coming up.

We Can Improve Your Lighting

Lighting is definitely a job that should be left to the professionals, and our team at Nipper Electric is ready to make it happen. Contact us today with any other questions or concerns you have.