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Let’s Take It Outside

Let’s Take It Outside

People are spending as much money on the outside as they are inside their homes these days. The patio and backyard have become more of an extension of the house instead of a dog run. 

Homeowners are creating outdoor living areas, and when it comes to lighting those areas, they don’t want the inexpensive plastic pathway lights. They want something distinct and elegant.

Homeowners aren’t skimping on the number of outdoor amenities, either. See the influx of former indoor-only luxuries like refrigerators, fireplaces, and carpets finding their way to the new decked-out deck. 

There’s no limit to the options for outdoor living. We encourage homeowners to start with lighting, and here are a few ideas to incorporation to your outdoor oasis:

Light Up The Yard

  • Mood Lighting Choose either from a variety of hanging designs or lanterns and add a few of those battery operated flickering candles. 
  • Outdoor Lighting  Lighting is essential to your home’s security. Of course, it makes your home feel cozy, but outdoor lighting installations can: 
    • Light pathways and steps for safe walking.
    • Light doorways and garages for safe exits and entries.
    • Deter criminals from approaching your home by installing motion sensors.
    • Make your home appear safe and welcoming to guests.

We know that a variety of lighting options on the market can help you choose what is best for you. We can handle all these landscape lighting installations, so if you want to take it outside, give us a call!