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Lighting Transforms Any Room

Lighting Transforms Any Room

Professionals Help Brighten Your Home For Summer

Something about warmer weather makes us all want to make a change. Changing your lighting is the quickest way to completely transform a room. Adding recessed lights, a chandelier or a couple new fixtures can create a whole new feel to any room. Nipper Electric is a family owned business that has been providing reliable electrical services in the Virginia Beach area for over 18 years. We can add just the right touches to change any room in your home or business.  Some of the lighting services we offer include:

bright living room


  • Chandelier Installations
  • Lighting Upgrades
  • Ceiling Fan Installations
  • Recessed Lighting Installations
  • Rewiring
  • Ceiling Fans with Lights Installations
  • Track Lighting


Nipper Electric can handle any lighting job big or small. Our experienced staff can even guide you in choosing the perfect light for your room or home.

Measuring Light

hanging light bulbsLight can be soft, bright, warm, cool, dim, focused or diffused, just to name a few. Lighting techniques can create textures, change wall color, add depth or warmth to a room.

Before choosing the perfect lighting plan for your special space, you should understand how light is measured. Lights can be measured in lumens, kelvins or watts. It can get confusing. But for lighting brightness, you’ll want to pay attention to how many kelvins each light has. The higher the kelvin measurement is the closer the light is to natural sunlight.

Changing Colors

Do you have a room color you aren’t fond of, but you’re just not ready to paint the whole space? Lighting with kelvin measurements can actually help you change the color of the room.[checklist]

  • Cooling down – Add lighting with a mid to high kelvin range, around 4000 kelvins. These lights cool down the color of the room.
  • Warming Up – Wanting to make a room a little warmer or cozier? Use lights with a low kelvin measurement, around 2,500 kelvins. These lights create a warm glow on walls.
  • Natural Wonder – Do you enjoy natural lighting? Use a high kelvin bulb between 5000 and 6000 kelvins. These bulbs create a bright but cool glow, similar to natural light.


Transforming Your Space

Once you understand the importance of lighting degrees, you can use layers of fixtures to transform any room.

  • light lampReading Nook – Turn a favorite corner of any room into a cozy reading nook by using task lighting and unique lamps with warm bulbs and shading. The layered effect can help you see the page and avoid glare.


  • Craft Spaces- Work areas and craft spaces need task lighting. Recessed lights, track lights or pendant lights with medium to high kelvin ranges will create the perfect focused light that will add purpose to your room.


  • Dining Rooms- Dining areas should be softly lit with ambient lighting. However, if your dining room doubles as the bill center or after school tutoring spot, you need to include options. Track lighting, pendant lighting or recessed lighting can be layered with wall sconces to handle soft lighting and task lighting. Use dim to medium kelvin lights and layer them so you can go from homework to romantic dinner easily. Dimmers especially help in dining areas.
  • Bath Rooms- Bathroom mirrors need focused lighting, but soaking in the tub calls for something a little softer. To achieve the perfect bathroom lighting add sconce lighting on both sides of the mirror and a chandelier over your tub. Recessed lighting and track lighting are also very popular for bathroom lighting. When a dimmer is added, the room can go from makeup prep to bubble bath with the turn of a switch.


Professional Installations By NipperElectric

Whatever room you choose to brighten, Nipper Electric is here to help. Our fast, reliable service can turn any room or spot into a retreat. We use clear cut pricing to keep you within your budget. Call us today at 757-842-1710 to get your spring project started today! Or you can make an appointment online while you start designing.