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Maximizing Home Internet Connectivity With the Right Wiring

Maximizing Home Internet Connectivity With the Right Wiring

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You probably rely on your home internet connection through multiple devices every day, but are you sure that you’re taking full advantage of the internet speed you have available through your internet service provider? Ethernet wiring is a critical component of fast home connectivity, so it’s important to consider whether changing up the ethernet wiring in your home could produce faster speeds for all your internet-enabled devices.

Benefits of Hardwiring

Most internet-capable devices today connect to the internet through two methods: wireless connection through a Wi-Fi access point, or direct hardwired connection using an ethernet cable. While the former offers ease of access and the convenience of being able to connect without managing wires, the latter offers better connection speeds. Ultimately, you trade performance for convenience when you stick with wireless connections, and the more devices you have connected to an access point, the slower all of those devices will connect to the internet.

If you have several internet-capable devices inside your home and an internet router enabled with Wi-Fi, you can maximize the connection speed of all your connected devices by hardwiring as many devices as possible. This is only practical for devices that remain relatively stationary, such as desktop computers, smart TVs, and modern video game consoles.

If you can connect all of these devices to your modem or router via hardwired ethernet connection, you provide them with the best possible connection speeds while simultaneously freeing up your Wi-Fi for mobile devices, such as your laptop and smartphones.

Consider Rewiring Your Home Ethernet

Take a look at your current ethernet wiring situation at home. Are you able to connect all of your stationary devices without having cables running all over your house? Home internet is more important than ever for most Americans, so it might be worth your time to investigate possible reconfigurations for your home ethernet connections.

Nipper Electric in Virginia Beach can assess your home’s ethernet structure and determine the ideal configuration for your needs so you can maximize the connection speed of all your connected devices. Contact us today for more information.