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New Gadgets Need New Homes

New Gadgets Need New Homes

Virginia Beach Electrician Can Expand Your Home’s Capabilities

The New Year often brings new gadgets and technology. Many of us find our homes aren’t ready for all those new toys. Nipper Electric can bring your home up to speed with one of our many professional services:


  • Receptacle Installations
  • USB Port Installations
  • Panel Upgrades
  • Wiring Repairs or Upgrades
  • Green Technology
  • Smart Wiring
  • Flat Screen TV installations


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If you’re having trouble getting your new gadgets and technology up and running, don’t give up yet. Let the professional Virginia Beach Electricians, Nipper Electric, come and give your home a new life.

So Many Gadgets So Little Space

If your home is like most homes, you have multiple devices taking up counter spaces. In 2014, the average home had at least 3 internet connected devices, and that number is only rising. The problem with all these devices is where to charge them all. Nipper Electric can solve that problem with a few simple additions:

  • Receptacle Installation- Do you find yourself fighting for plug-in space or tripping over power strips? Maybe you have to move furniture just to get to an outlet. Then it is definitely time for some additional or new outlets. Outlets are also called receptacles. They are an easy fix for a trusted electrician. Simply decide where you want to place the new outlet and Nipper Electric can come and rewire it. If the space you’ve chosen doesn’t fit wiring, we can help by rewiring or advising other places for outlets.


  • USB Port Installations – Installing USB charging stations with your regular or new receptacles is a quick and easy fix. USB ports in outlets are a great space saver and a wonderful solution to overcrowded plugs. Phones, laptops, tablets, and many other devices can charge in the USB port while outlets are left open for other uses, like lamps or TVs.

Feeling the Drag

If you’ve noticed a drag in your charging, fuses blowing or lights flickering, you might be overloading your panel. Electrical panels have a limit of how much electricity they provide. Many older homes max out at 100 amps on their panels. Even newer homes are feeling the strain of 200 amps when each device adds more to the electrical load. Once you’ve gone over the load limit, your circuits are strained and your panel can get start to fail. The strain can lead to other issues like warm plugs, frayed wiring, and even house fires. Luckily there are two simple fixes.

  • Panel Upgrade or Additions- Upgrading your panel or adding a second panel can help ease the strain felt by many different devices.
  • Going Green- From light bulbs to kitchen appliances, to thermostats and even cars, everything is going green. Using energy efficient gadgets lowers your electrical load and your power bill. Nipper Electric is proud to be the green electrician in Virginia Beach. We can do it all including:
    • LED light conversions
    • Solar Power Panels
    • Solar Security and Landscape lighting
    • EV Charging stations

Don’t be afraid to add a little more power to your home or lower your electrical use with green technology. Even small changes make a difference.

Smart Technology Doesn’t Install Itself

Smart gadgets are everywhere. Sometimes it can be overwhelming getting them installed and programmed. Nipper Electric specializes in flat screen TV installations and wiring. If you are having trouble getting your homeconnected, don’t hesitate to call a professional. They can get your home running in no time. Nipper Electric can even hide wires behind molding or with in-wall wiring .

No Job Too Big or Too Small

If you are ready to enjoy all your gadgets or looking to purchase some new ones, Nipper Electric is here to help. We have a licensed and trained team of experts who can help you with even the smallest task. Call us today at 757-842-1710. You can even schedule an appointment online while you drink your coffee. Then sit back and relax while we bring your home into the 21st century.