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Is Your Old Wiring Creating a Fire Hazard?

Is Your Old Wiring Creating a Fire Hazard?

Many businesses are based in historic buildings or older buildings that were designed and constructed over 25+ years ago. While these buildings are beautiful, they often have wiring issues that put them at risk for electrical fires. Nipper Electric works to keep homes and businesses in the Virginia Beach area safe.

We provide multiple trusted electrical services to ensure the safety of your homes and offices, including:

If your business is located in an older building, it may be time to have your electrical system inspected. Here’s a list of possible wiring issues we frequently come across:

  • Changes in Codes: Electrical codes change over time. Buildings that were built 80, 50, or even just 25+ years ago are often not up to current codes. Failing code inspections or not meeting codes could affect your insurance payments as well as any claims should anything go wrong.
  • Bad Modifications: In order to bring buildings up to code or update electrical systems, the wiring is often modified or given basic repairs. Often owners have done DIY projects over that only temporarily fix one problem while creating much bigger electrical issues. Loose wires, bad connections, frayed wires, and live currents could be hiding behind your beautiful walls. These issues could lead to electrical shocks, overloaded panels or electrical fires. An experienced electrician can easily fix these modifications safely, so you don’t have to take the risk of hurting yourself.
  • Worn or Weakened Insulation- Over the years, it is easy for insulation to become worn out or weathered, especially on older wiring. Animals can chew or claw away at the insulation. Weather makes the insulating material dry or brittle. Nails and screws can accidentally tear apart insulation. Without proper protection, your wires become exposed. When exposed wires become hot they can spark or arc and quickly cause a raging electrical fire.
  • Knob & Tube Wiring- Popularly used for many years, knob and tube wiring isn’t dangerous on its own. However, as time goes by, many knob and tube electrical systems are chewed by rodents, modified by owners or simply wear down with age. When wires begin to creep out of their connections or are no longer properly connected, they can become a big fire hazard. Wires can spark, arc, or overload.
  • Wrong Amp Measurements- Electrical usage for today’s businesses is a lot more than the average electrical load commonly needed when these older buildings were constructed. If you have a wiring that is rated for a lower electrical load than your electrical usage, your circuits will soon become overloaded and increase the risk of electrical fires.

electrical-wire-testingAll of these issues can be resolved with a quick inspection by your trusted Virginia Beach electrician. At Nipper Electric, we put the safety of our clients first. We can inspect your wiring and diagnose any issues. Our team of experienced and licensed electricians will work with you to make sure your home is safe and up to code. Call us today at 757-842-1710 or make an appointment online. We’ll keep your business safe and run smoothly.