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Pool Lighting Options to Brighten Summer Swimming

Pool Lighting Options to Brighten Summer Swimming

patio and pool lightingPools need specialized lighting for safety purposes. You can also add special touches that enhance and improve your pool all summer long. Nipper Electric will safely install pool and hot tub wiring and/or lighting that will bring your pool a whole new look. We are fully licensed and insured with over 25+ years of experience in the Virginia Beach Area. To help you create the perfect backyard retreat, here are a few options you can consider for your pool and/or hot tub.

Fiber Optic Lighting- For lower energy use and design options, fiber optic lighting is a great choice for your pool. You can create a cool neon look for your pool with fiber optic lighting strips or a star ceiling design.

Hanging Lights- Strands of hanging lights can be very pretty around your pool or hot tub. However, you can’t just hang up any type of light strand. Outdoor lights have to be water proof and weather proof. To stay safe, follow these rules for hanging lights outdoors or over any area of water.

Lighting Around the Pool- Besides creating a beautiful setting, the lights surrounding your pool also add extra safety for you and your guests. Nipper Electric provides beautiful landscape lighting options for pool patios and decks. Consider adding lights in the following areas:

  • pool design lightPathways
  • Border lighting along the outside or your pool patio.
  • Lights along the edge of the pool itself.
  • Lights near seating or dining areas.

Floating Lights- Floating lights can add a fun touch to your pool and can be changed to fit any occasion. While these lights shouldn’t be used as a primary source of light for your pool they can certainly transform your pool into an oasis.

LED Lights- LED pool lighting is the top choice for most pools today. The bulbs are versatile, long lasting, and provide a wide range of design options. If you still have incandescent lighting in your pool, consider having LED bulbs installed through a professional LED conversion.

The design possibilities for your pool are endless. Make sure that you consult a professional electrician to have your pool lighting properly wired and installed. At Nipper Electric, we will provide you with safe and beautiful pool and hot tub lighting and wiring while you relax. Call us today at 757-842-1710 or make an appointment online, we’ll turn your backyard pool into your personal retreat.