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Power Outage Safety Tips

Power Outage Safety Tips

Power outages can be sudden, scary, and stressful, especially if they coincide with a storm. Whether it’s simply your house that’s lost power or the entire city, there are a few ways you can keep yourself safe before your electricity is restored.

Handling Necessities

In an emergency, you need a reliable supply of food and water to keep yourself and your loved ones going. To avoid creating more problems down the line, you have to ensure you’re keeping your supplies safe, stocked up adequately, and prepared to ration. 

Keep food and water in your fridge and freezer, and keep your fridge and freezer closed to maximize how cold the things inside will stay. If you’re not sure your food is edible, throw it away — this is a good rule of thumb if your food gets to 40 degrees or warmer.

You should also figure out a plan for any refrigerated medicines you may have. Talk to your medical provider if you need help understanding what temperature your medicines can be kept at, and for how long.

Staying Warm

A power outage can make it difficult to warm your house, especially if you use an electric heater. While staying warm is a good thing, there are some easy ways to mess it up. Don’t use a gas stove or oven to heat your house. Not only does this pose a fire risk, but it also introduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Avoiding Power Surges

To protect yourself from a power surge, unplug your electronics and appliances while the power is still off. This prevents damage from occurring when the power comes back and ensures you can safely plug everything back in afterward.

Get in Touch With an Electrician

Whether you’re dealing with a personal power outage or have another electrical problem, we can help. Contact Nipper Electric today.