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Preparing for Summer Fun With Pool Electrical  Installations

Preparing for Summer Fun With Pool Electrical  Installations

Professional Electricians Provide Virginia Beach Summer Safety

Weather is warming up! Are you ready to open your pool for summer or looking to install a spa or hot tub? Have you been thinking of adding a reflection pond or babbling water feature to your home?Now’s the time to look into it, just in time for Mother’s day! When you add these features and pools take extra precautions and care to be safe. Nipper Electric can handle all your summer electrical, lighting and wiring needs including:


  • pool with nice green landscapingUnderwater Lighting Installations and Designs
  • GFCI Receptacle Installations
  • Pool Lighting and Wiring
  • Hot Tub Wiring and Installations
  • Pathway Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Solar Lighting Installations
  • Safe Electrical Installations up to Code Requirements


Nipper Electric has over 18 years electrical experience in the Virginia Beach area. Our experienced and skilled staff can help you with any of your summer time lighting and electrical questions. We can’t wait to make your summer fun, relaxing and so safe, even Mom will approve.

Safety First

waterfall in the poolPools, hot tubs, spas and water features are relaxing additions to any home when properly installed. However, improper installation can make these beautiful areas very dangerous. Nipper Electric takes the safety of your family and friends seriously. Our staff is made up of licensed professionals who have experience with underwater electrical wiring.

To keep everyone safe, pools, spas, hot tubs or any outdoor water feature requires appropriate lighting. Before you start designing lighting plans, be certain your pool or water area has safety lighting and is properly wired.

Pay Special Attention to:

Safe Waterproofing- Electricity and water do not mix. All water features, from pools to bubbling fountains require waterproof wiring. Professional electricians, like Nipper Electric can install waterproofed wiring, lights, junction boxes, and any other electrical requirements.

Pathway Lighting- Slips and falls are top concerns for pool and hot tub safety. Pool toys and floats can obstruct paths creating dangerous situations, especially at night. Standing water or slippery surfaces can make for hidden dangers. One little slip or bump could end with a drowning. Pathways should be clearly lit around the water and leading on into the home.

GFCI Receptacles- Any receptacle near water needs to be a GFCI receptacle, whether outside by the hose or inside by your kitchen sink. GFCI means Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. These receptacles stop electric shocks before they begin by detecting power surges then shut the electric current off immediately. GFCI receptacles are especially important in lighting, wiring, and outlets around water areas.

Underwater Lighting – To keep your pool safe at night, you need to have adequate underwater lighting. Besides being waterproof, this lighting should allow you to see the bottom of your pool, hot tub or water feature. You should especially focus on deep end lighting, step lighting and pool lighting, near entrances, exits or diving boards. These lights keep your pool open into the evening but they also keep them safe. Underwater lighting helps prevent falls or injuries. But, if someone does fall in, you will be able to see them to help them out.

patio and pool lighting

Virginia Beach Professional Electricians Put Safety First

Nipper Electric always puts the safety of your family and friends first. We stand by our work with warranties on labor and work hard to give you results you can trust. When you open your pool this summer, call us to inspect your electrical or add some extra lights. Call us today at 757-842-1710 to get your summer started! Or make an appointment online while you pick out the perfect Mother’s Day present. Nipper Electric makes things safe, so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying the summer sun.