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Protect your Electrical Systems from Summer Storms

Protect your Electrical Systems from Summer Storms

lightning strikePower surges, power outages, and low power issues in the Virginia Beach area can wreak havoc on your home and electrical devices. This is especially true now, during hurricane season. Nipper Electric provides multiple services to help you protect against power surges.

Here are a few tips from our experts to help prevent summer storm power and electrical issues.

Install A Generator/Have a Generator Check-Up- If your home or office doesn’t currently have a generator, consider investing in one. Generators offer protection against damage and provide safety during dangerous storms. They can also help save data and expensive equipment from being damaged when bad weather sets in. If you do have a generator, have your trusted electrician in Virginia Beach do a check-up on the wiring and installation before storm season hits. Faulty or poorly installed generators can cause dangerous issues for you and your family.

Check and Update Alarms– Carbon monoxide and fire detection alarms are vital for the safety of your home especially during storm season. These alarms can detect dangerous carbon monoxide that can form when generators are installed improperly and detect smoke early when fires occur due to surges or power outages. You can have separate alarms or combination alarms that detect both smoke and carbon monoxide.

Invest in a Whole House Surge Protectors-From causing fires to destroying computers, power surges damage your home in unexpected and hidden ways. A whole house surge protector sends the extreme voltage of a power surge to a ground wire, instead of through your electrical system. For extra safety, add a local surge protector for special devices like computers and Smart TVs.

Prepare Before Storms Hit– Have your trusted electrician in the Norfolk VA area do an electrical checkup of your home, including:

  • pier wavesWiring
  • Fire/Carbon Monoxide Alarms
  • Wear and Tear of Electrical Wires and Cables
  • Electric Panels
  • Meter boxes
  • Weatherheads
  • Generators
  • Electrical circuits

Have repairs, replacements, or additions done as soon as possible. Nipper Electric works with your schedule to provide fast and reliable work when you need it most.

When it comes to protecting our friends and neighbors, the experts at Nipper Electric are always ready. There is no job too big or too small. Call us today at 751-842-1710 or make an appointment online. We’ll help you weather storm season and protect your home all year long.