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Protect Home From Summer Storm Surges

Protect Home From Summer Storm Surges

Late summer days bring thunderstorms and lightning. This extreme weather can wreak havoc on your electrical system, special devices and even cause fires. More people are at home using more electricity, this can also lead to special electrical issues in your home. Virginia Beach trusted electricians, Nipper Electric help prevent damage and provide protection to your home and devices. We are the preferred electrician in the Virginia Beach area for almost 18 years. We offer:

  • lightning strikeLicensed and Experienced Electricians
  • Same Day Services Available
  • Free Estimates
  • Clear-Cut Pricing
  • Work  Guarantee
  • Trusted Brands, Siemens, G.E., Square D, Generac and more
  • Warranties on Labor
  • Discounts for Military, Police, Teachers and Senior Citizens and Firemen

You can trust your home or office with us for any issues. There’s no job too big or too small, we do them all with friendly, efficient work. Our team loves keeping the Virginia Beach area safe.

How Electrical Damage Occurs

There are many things that can create electrical damage to your home. The most difficult ones to prepare for involve lightning and power surges.

Lightning –As lightning strikes, it is looking for the easiest  path to the ground. Unfortunately, homes and businesses offer many potential routes to the ground.  Not only that, but lightning can jump from one conductive supplier to another. This puts the house in considerable danger, these dangers include:

  • Shock Waves: The power felt from thunder can actually break things that are close by, including windows, walls, and even concrete.
  • Fire: It is not uncommon for attics or roofs to be set on fire if hit by lightning. But your electrical can also become a fire hazard if the lightning has coursed through it. Connections will be weakened, wires may have been burned up or warped. It is important that you check these issues immediately after any storm or any strange occurrences in your electrical systems.
  • Wear and Tear: It may go unnoticed, but after any storm there could be wear and tear on your weatherhead, power lines, electrical outlets or even wiring. Nipper Electric is available to help diagnose issues for your home or business.

Prevention and Preparation for Lightning : It’s hard to protect or prepare for lightning to strike because you never know when or how it might hit your home.

Your best options are:

  • Make sure your home electrical is in good shape.
  • Keep trees trimmed and away from power lines and cables.
  • Check power lines, weatherheads, cables and any area where power enters the home.
  • Consider installing a generator to help protect devices from power outages.

Power Surges & Spikes-Power surges or spikes create an extra flood of power through your electrical system, striking can happen quickly and without warning. The damage they do to devices is often irreversible. Here are some common cause of power surges:

  • Lightning: That’s right, lightning can create a power surge in your home that will run through your electrical system and often fry your wires.
  • Bad Wiring– While bad wiring doesn’t cause power surges, it does lower the ability of your electrical system to withstand surges.
  • High Demand Devices– Your big electricity consumers, like space heaters, refrigerators, stoves, or air conditioners, can also create a power surge.

outdoor main electric panels

Prevention and Protection from Power Surges: When it comes to these power surges, there are many options to prevent power surges or provide protection against them.

  • Double check wiring. Watch for signs of faulty wiring like flickering lights, hot outlets or sparking plugs. Have these issues addressed immediately by a trusted electrician like Nipper Electric.
  • Track your electrical usage and make sure your panel is able to handle the electrical load. If not, look into adding another panel or upgrading the one you have.
  • Install a whole house surge protector kit. These kits help protect devices like computers, smart TVs, refrigerators and more. They work by slowing down or draining surges as they occur. This diverts them from other electrical devices.

Prevention and Protection for Your Home

NipperElectric logoElectrical issues happen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work to be prepared. Nipper Electric works with our clients to provide protection or if needed, repairs to systems at reasonable prices. We want to make sure your home or office is safe. Call us at 757-842-1710 today or make an appointment online to start protecting your home.