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Romantic Accents Across Your Home

Romantic Accents Across Your Home

Virginia Beach Electrician Adds Romantic Touches to Homes

two chair with a look of a heartFebruary is the month of romance, but why leave it to one month? With a few changes here and there, Nipper Electric can help you create a cozy romantic getaway for every month of the year. Each room can be made special with the help of professional services like:

Living Rooms or Dens

We spend a lot of time in our living rooms and dens. There are a few touches to make them into cozy retreats.

  • Recessed Lighting- Using recessed lights near the wall creates a wall washing effect. This technique creates a warm feeling in the room without being overpowering.
  • Wall Lighting – Sconces or other wall fixtures can add a little extra romance to any room, especially when layered with other lighting techniques. Place a sconce on either side of an accent piece to create balance.
  • Chandeliers/ Ceiling Lighting – Pendant lights work really well in living rooms, especially when paired with dimmers.

Dining & Kitchen Areas

ready set dining room table

Lighting in your kitchen and dining areas needs to be versatile. Lights should be able to go from workspaces to relaxing spaces easily. You also want to avoid overly bright or very dim lighting for dining areas so you can see your company and dinner without creating shadows.

  • Use layers of lighting. Place recessed or track lighting or even pendant lighting over work spaces and tables. Add wall sconces on the wall or valance lighting on the ends of the room.
  • Use Interesting Fixtures – Candle fixtures, wall sconces or pendant lights can add some texture and set a relaxing tone to kitchens or dining areas.
  • Imitation Is Perfection- Copy some design ideas from your favorite restaurant or café. Add wall sconces or faux gas light fixtures to recreate your favorite spot.


Little touches are all that’s needed to create a spa-like bathroom. Lighting should be warm but not too bright. In the bathroom, it is especially important to follow wiring and lighting code. Be sure to contact a trusted electrician like Nipper Electric for help in the following areas.

  • Use layers or adjustable lighting.
  • Be sure to properly light your grooming area. Wall sconces on each side of the mirror or recessed or pendant lights above will work when done in a warm light tone.
  • Pendant lights and Chandeliers work wonders to change any size bathroom.
  • Add some music. A sound system can be added to bathrooms to help you relax with your favorite tunes.
  • Sprinkle the Sparkle – Add some sparkle or shine with metallic or shimmering fixtures. Anything from the more masculine burnished brass to bright mosaic glass tiles will make your bathroom feel more luxurious.


The secret to a truly romantic bedroom is to be subtle. These additions will make immediate changes in your bedroom.

  • Soft lighting- All lighting in your bedroom should be soft and warm, nothing too bright or glaring. Adjustable lighting with dimmers is best for your bedroom.
  • Bedside Lamps- Adding sconces to beside the bed saves space and time. You can simply reach above or slightly to the side and turn off the light, instead of getting in and out of bed for lighting.
  • Chandeliers- The right chandelier or pendant lighting can really add a sense of luxury and romance to any room, but particularly the bedroom.
    The options are endless, so you can find a style that suits your personal tastes.

Turn Your Home into Your Favorite Retreat

There is nothing so nice as coming home to a beautiful and relaxing retreat at the end or a long day at work. Nipper Electric has a staff that can help you create a cozy and romantic getaway in your own home. Call us today at 757-842-1710 to get started. Or make an appointment online while you plan your retreat!