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Saving Commercial, Industrial and Municipal Funds

Saving Commercial, Industrial and Municipal Funds

Virginia Beach Electrician Helps Your Budget Balance

From preparation fees, taxes or even just time spent preparing; tax season is stressful for businesses of all kinds. May is the perfect time to start preparing for next year’s tax season with some special changes to save you money. Nipper Electric can help you cut back on your costs with a range of services:


  • calculator and paperworkEnergy Consumption Measurements
  • Lighting Upgrades
  • Technical Troubleshooting
  • Solar Power Installations
  • Energy Efficient Installations
  • EV Charging Station Installations
  • Electrical Trouble Shooting
  • Generator Installations
  • Dimmer Installations
  • Timer Installations


Saving money is important to every business owner or office manager no matter what type of business you run. Commercial, Municipal or Industrial, professional electricians like Nipper Electric can help you make little changes that will make big differences in your budget.

Start Fresh

When you’re trying to make some budget changes in your office or business, the first thing you want to do is get an energy audit or have your energy consumption measured. Nipper Electric offers this service to help monitor and control your energy usage. An energy audit will help you through careful and thorough inspection.

Energy audits save you money by:


  • Identifying energy waste
  • Identifying energy consumption patterns
  • Find which appliances or equipment are worn out or not working properly.
  • Find areas where energy busters or bad equipment can be replaced by upgrades or retrofits.
  • Help reduce energy use by seeing where energy can be cut back.


Make a Plan and Save

Once you have seen where your office, business or industrial building is wasting money or consuming large amounts of energy, you can make a plan.

Going Green

trees growing on coinsAny new plan should include energy efficient or green technology. Energy efficiency and green technology can count for a big break in costs. First, most green technology comes with tax breaks or incentives. Some green technology is expensive during installation. Added breaks and incentives will lower the costs. Plus, with the low cost of using energy efficient technology, your investment will soon be absorbed by the savings. Secondly, green and efficient technology will cut back on your usage and your energy bills.

Consider some of these technology changes for a green, energy efficient office or industrial building include:

  • Generator Installations – Generators can do more than help during power outages. They can also save you money by cutting the running costs for equipment like computers.
  • Solar PanelsSolar panels are the ultimate cost saver. After installation, solar power panels can cut your electric bill even to 100%, depending on how much power you use and how much power your panels produce.
  • electric car chargingEV Charging Stations – If you have a few electric cars in the company or if you’re looking to switch, EV charging stations are a great addition. They save you time, money and come with some nice tax write-offs.  Nipper Electric regularly installs these money savers.
  • Lighting Upgrades – Switching to energy efficient light bulbs can save you trips to the store and money. These light bulbs last sometimes 20x the life of regular light bulbs and use less energy.
  • Dimmers and Timers – Lights, fans, programmable thermostats and security systems can be set to come on when needed and dim or shut off when unused. These additions are simple, quick to install and start saving you money instantly. They prolong the life of your light bulbs and lower your electric use, so you have more money in your pocket and less money going towards bills.

Professional Electricians Virginia Beach Can Bet On

When it comes to our budgets, everyone would like to save money. Nipper Electric has the experience and skills to help you trim your municipal, industrial or commercial budget with small or big changes. Call us today 757-842-1710 or make an appointment online to get started today. We’ll help you get a handle on cutting costs for years to come.