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Should I Install Solar Panels for My Home

Should I Install Solar Panels for My Home

Solar Panels

Many homeowners across the country are adding solar panels to their homes for many reasons. Some want to make more environmentally conscious choices when it comes to their living spaces, others want to save money on their electric bills, and still others want to ensure they have power when the local grid goes down with a solar-powered backup generator. If you have been debating installing solar panels on your home, there’s a few things you should consider.

Potential Savings from Installing Solar Panels

Installing solar panels on your roof could potentially cut down on your energy bills and even make you money in some areas. Many local electric companies across the country are offering rebates and other incentives for homeowners to install solar panels. Many of these solar panel systems can link into the local grid, and any excess power generated by the home’s solar panels contributes to the grid’s power structure. By funneling power into the local grid, you may not only reduce your energy bills but actually receive checks back from the power company, depending on where you live!

Home Configuration: Is My Home Right for Solar Panels?

The shape of your home and its location are the two most important factors for installing solar panels. While your home doesn’t need to fit the following criteria exactly, the ideal conditions for solar panel installation include:

  1. A south-facing roof that slopes 30 degrees.
  2. An unobstructed roof free of skylights and chimneys.
  3. Little to no tree coverage over the roof.
  4. No nearby buildings, trees, or other structures that cast large shadows over the roof.
  5. A roof that is no more than a year or two old.

If you recently replaced your roof, now could be a great time to install solar panels and take advantage of the savings they offer. Solar power also helps reduce fossil fuel consumption, which is beneficial to the environment. Contact the team at Nipper Electric today at (757) 842-1710 for more information about solar panel installation in Virginia Beach.